Midi Colors by Lagranja Design

30 Jan 2013

Anything colorful grabs my attention. Colors have such an impact on our daily life. Imagine a colorful range of tables, cabinets and benches to decorate your house. When I would do that it would closely resemble what Barcelona based studio Lagranja Design has done for Spanish design brand Sistema Midi.

The Midi Colors collection

This collection has personality and that's what attracted me to it. They seem to have found a great mix of versatility that is adaptable to our characteristics. The Midi Colors collection by Lagranja Design allows you to mix and match the colors of the doors, drawers, shelves and legs of each item. There are 22 colors of lacquered aluminum to choose from and three wood finishes.

The range includes five tables in various sizes, from a small coffee table to a dining table for 10 people, and four cabinets in different sizes. Because of the flexibility in colors options you can take an otherwise ordinary-looking cabinet and really make it stand out. It just shows that a few simple forms can provide an inspiring aesthetic for any home or office space. The furniture is made of veneered wood and its supporting structure of lacquered, extruded aluminum. The cabinets’ doors and drawers are lacquered on the outside and on the inside they’re lined with melamine. The Midi Colors collections was unveiled at the German trade fair Orgatec.


  1. 1 Vicky 03 Feb 2013

    That colorful things will add some joy. Of course, working will be more fun. :D