LICHTKISTE by Clemens Tissi

28 Jan 2011

Light is an important part of making your home as enjoyable as possible. The item that we will put in the spotlight (no pun intended) today would be categorized as mood lighting. The cute part about this one is that it also serves as a decorative object.

An adjustable floor lamp

This lamp is created by German designer Clemens Tissi. It is an adjustable floor lamp with independent elements that enable "direct access to the subject area and volume, light and dark, light and shadow". The user has total control by moving the individual elements and hereby modulate the light.



It's a table, a light, a bookcase and anything else you can think up. LICHTKISTE is German for Light Box. The parts come in either white or light gray and are hand painted by the company. Interesting and practical at the same time.


  1. 1 Sophie Baxter 31 Jan 2011

    It looks awesome. You almost wish that you could loose the cord.

  2. 2 Kat 07 Feb 2011

    These Germans create such cool things, don’t they?! =)