Leo scratching post

05 Jul 2012
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Some items are hard to find. One of these items that fall in that category are cat scratching posts. I've seen plenty and none of them are a pleasure to look at. Some are even hideous.


The scratching post that I want to show today looks like a modern scuplture. Could surprise people when kitty runs his or her claws in the elegant shape. Its name is Leo scratching post (Flash site!) and is designed by James Owen. James has succeeded transforming an unattractive necessity to an eyepleasing pratical item that you would proudly display in your interior.

Gently rocking motion

The body of the Leo scratching post is available in zebrawood,, white cedar, or maple. This way you can choose whichever one best suits your decor. The curving, rectangular bands and rich, deep grain are pliable enough for shaping kitty's claws, but sturdy enough to prevent splintering. The post is attached to a smooth, 11" aluminum base that's slightly curved for a gently rocking motion that will intrigue and amuse your cat endlessly. Unfortunately the Leo scratching post is not available to buy yet as James Owen is still looking for a manufacture to produce it.