Lago fruit bowl

23 Dec 2010

One of the items that really caught my attention during Interieur 2010 was an object that served a double purpose. I always love things like that. The fact that it is "made in Belgium" makes it all the more sweet. I'm talking about the Lago fruit bowl from Wildspirit, based in Mariakerke/Gent (B).

Lago Fruit Bowl by Wildspirit

The Lago fruit bowl has an intelligible form without any unnecessary details. The bowl is perfectly round at the base which gives the impression that it floats. If you move the centre of the bowl, the bowl will change its angle. The double function that I referred to in the beginning is the following; filled with fruit the bowl looks like an original fruit tray, and when it is empty it still is a remarkable and attractive object that looks awesome on any table. I don't have it yet but I'm sure I'll own this bowl pretty soon as it is such a beauty!

  • Dimensions: cm/inch ∅ 45/17,7 - H. 8/3,1
  • Weight: cm/inch 1.5/3,3

The Lago is floating and looking for a steady foundation…

Designed by Twan Verlinden

Twan Verlinden studied Interior Design at Sintt Lucas in Boxtel (NL) as well as at the KMH in Mechelen (B). After designing furniture for some well-known furniture companies for several years, he founded his own design studio Design by Tuan. In the meantime he designs utensils and furniture pieces for different collections. Clear lines and natural materials are his signature.

The lago fruit bowl is available in Plywood Birch natural and Plywood Birch dark stained.


  1. 1 Walter Swaenepoel 24 Dec 2010

    This is looking great. I bet it’s the perfect Christmas present.