Koga F3 and Koga BeachRacer

14 Mar 2014
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

A closer look at two bikes that captured my attention. Both are produced by Dutch brand Koga that develops and assembles bikes at their headquarters in Heerenveen. My Winter bike is a Koga and I'm very happy with its quality and would gladly recommend their bikes.

Koga F3 womens bike

Koga F3

The first bicycle we are having a look at is the Koga F3. The launch of this model didn't go unnoticed because the Koga F3 received its second award in January 2014, the iF Product Design Award. Last year, the F3 was the winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2013. I can relate the jury of these awards as its design catches the attention. The Koga F3 looks like a tight styled sporty all-rounder. The F3 is all black with stylish red accents.

Frame sizes

men: 50, 54, 57, 60 cm

women: 47, 50, 53, 56 cm


men: approx. 13.9 kg

women: approx. 14.1 kg

Koga BeachRacer

Koga BeachRacer

The Koga BeachRacer is a bit of an odd one in today's cycling world. It's a bike specially designed for the Dutch North-sea beach races. The Koga BeachRacer is a combination of a cyclo-cross bike and a 29'er mountainbike. The bike has been developed together with Ramses Bekkenk, a guy that wins a lot of those races. Everything about the frame is designed to make it steady when riding the sandy North-sea beaches.

The seat tube angle is 74 degrees, to get the rider right over the cranks in a TT-like position, and the head tube angle is 71 degrees, to help provide a stable platform. There’s an extra centimeter in the chain-stays compared to the standard cyclocross frame, and it all adds up to give the bike a wheelbase of around 110cm. It may corner like an oil tanker, says Bekkenk, but on Holland’s wide, windswept beaches, nimble cornering is hardly a priority. Somehow the flattened bars give the bike a sort of vintage feel with a modern flair. The Koga BeachRacer also won the iF Product Design Award 2014.

Frame sizes

men: 50, 54, 56, 58, 60 cm


Approx. 10.2 kg

My thoughts

As a designer I can't help myself looking at the design first, and then see if the bike rides as good as it looks. When it comes to aesthetics, these days most bike frames just scream too much. Usually the brand's logo can't be big enough. It's almost as if the makers think "how much room do we have to place it as big as possible". It makes me think the buyer should get a discount for the brand publicity you know :) These 2 bikes have both a subtle frame design. Even the logo is on the large side on the BeachRacer, it still works because the brand name is rather short. The subtle color touches with the dark grey makes them both look very stylish.