Jacob Jensen

04 Aug 2011

A few weeks back I talked about Dieter Rams. There is another industrial designer that deserves a bit of attention as well. According to Beoworld this designer has the greatest number of honors and awards in the world. More saying is that his work is displayed in permanent collections in museums across the globe.

Product designer at Bang & Olufsen

Jacob Jensen was born in 1926 in a suburb of Vesterbro, Copenhagen where he started his career as a slaughterhouse apprentice. When he was 16 he became an apprentice upholsterer. In 1947 he joined his father's shop to design furniture until 1948.

Danmarks Designskole

In that year Jacob Jensen got accepted into the School of Arts and Craft (Danmarks Designskole) in the furniture division. During his time there, Jørn Utzon initiated a revolutionary program called "Industrial Design" whose focus was on mass produced objects for everyday use. Jensen was the first student to graduate under this new subject in 1952. Jensen started his professional career for Bernadotte and Bjørn, the first industrial design drawing office in Denmark (1954–1959). His professional relationship with Bang & Olufsen (B&O) began in 1965 and continued until 1991, where he functioned as designer and strategy advisor. Jensen is credited with developing the B&O form language which is still being used today.

Some products he designed for B&O

Below you'll see some of the timeless designs that Jacob Jensen created for Bang & Olufsen. If these peaked your interest be sure to check out the collection that The Museum of Modern Art has on their web site. That microphone just is perfection at work!

Beocenter 9000 Beogram 4000 Beolit 400 Beolit 400 Beomaster 1900 Beomic 2000

Source: Wikipedia. Pictures by afghtiga and Jacob Jensen design.


  1. 1 Kisan 05 Aug 2011

    Truly great designs. Remembered seeing them in ‘70s and I loved them.

  2. 2 Claus 05 Aug 2011

    Funny you should post this, as I just took delivery of a Beogram 1200 turntable (first image to the left) yesterday. It’s in teak, and beautiful. (Still waiting for the correct cables to hook it up to my stereo, though)

    They can be had for next to nothing.