Interieur 2014

24 Oct 2014
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

On Tuesday I took a little road trip to something I always look forward to. It’s a biannual event that takes place at the Kortrijk Xpo. You could say it’s our 'Milan design week'.

Interieur 2014 banner

24rd Biennale

Kortrijk really has become the center of design thanks to the Biennale Interieur. This year marks the 24th edition since it all started in 1968. It’s 10 days with 40.000m² of design across 6 halls from 300 selected brands. There is also a side track (that premiered in 2012) that runs in the city center on the Buda island where you can find the Budalab, Ventura Interieur platform and the expo Scandinavian Designers At Work. It’s easy to get there with one of 55 Audi’s that ride between the Xpo and the city center (from noon until midnight).

The home does not exist

Josep Grima is the curator of the cultural program at Interieur 2014. He goes for the shock approach with its title ‘The home does not exist’. He questions some of the things you’ll see at Interieur. In other words capitalism and the damage it does. He thinks we are at a turning point towards a better system. That’s what he tries to show in his exhibition. You can see his story in the Rambla, the central space between the other halls. The full program of the ‘The home does not exist’ can be found here.

A journey through the biennale with my images

My impressions of Interieur 2014. 'The home does not exist' was this years theme. Photos of Dark, Wildfire, PER/USE and more…

New Belgian labels that make their debut

It’s nice to see that design is very much alive in Belgium and that there is room for some new Belgian brands.


One of those new brands is PER/USE. I’ve written about their MCE Lamp not so long ago. They offer a balanced mix of furniture and accessories designed by international designers. You can find the PER/USE furniture at STAND 324 in HALL 3.

PER/USE living room

Another Brand that I featured here on my blog is Zee. They show their colorful Mirtoon and a new outside shower called ‘Levantine’ and is designed by Alain Gilles. Levantine will be available in the same color range as the Mirtoon. It’s cool and will be available in the Spring of 2015. Zee is found at STAND 118 in HALL 1.

Mirtoon by Zee

Another newcomer is ‘Moome’, a collaboration between design furniture manufacturer INDERA and MOOZ creative agency. They used Interieur to launch their 35 new products. The collection exists out of compact, affordable design and multifunctional interior accessories. They work with 12 designers such as Fabiaan Van Severen and Nathalie Dewez to name a few. I’ll write and show some of their furniture in an upcoming post. Moome is at STAND 459 in HALL 4.


rform is also a new Belgian furniture design brand that develops contemporary design and manufactures it too. One of the criteria used by rform is affordability. Their focus deliberately opts for a low threshold, ecological materials and handy flat pack packaging with simple assembly instructions. It’s also very modular and highly customizable. Go see them at STAND 520 in HALL 5.


The last newcomer I focus on is called ‘MMooD’. MMooD has high ambitions: give furniture design a new, sustainable dimension. MMooD is a brand recently created by furniture maker Karel Mintjens. The collection that they are showing at Interieur is called ‘FloWers & SeeDs’ and is created by two generations of Belgian designers. They also recently launched a collection designed by Pascale Naessens. One item out of her collection is the table below. MMooD is found at STAND 624 in HALL 6.

Eyes/Nights Only

Since the Biennale of 2012 there are also activities in the city center. One of the cooler ones this edition is taking place in a former school (Broelschool). It’s called 'Eyes/Nights Only' and situated in a former nunnery that soon will be knocked down to make room for luxury apartments. During the duration of Interieur this will be a temporary hotel annex showroom (during the day). It’s an idea of the agency Dift. To furnish the rooms, Dift approached furniture brands like Ikea or Durlet to come up with interpretations of a hotel room using their own products. Other rooms are done by furniture shops like Espoo for example. It’s a series of rooms spread across two floors. The old floors in this building are quite amazing. I absolutely adore the patterns.

Eyes/Nights Only, the temporary hotel annex showroom. Furnished by Ikea, Durelet, Espoo, Vormen, Artifort, Orac, Ilse Acke, Olivier Roels, Boss & Ydee. Photos: Dzeen.