Interieur 2012 in images

27 Dec 2012

A few months ago Interieur 2012 closed its doors for another two years. I finally had time to sort out all my images. It's an event that I always look forward to. What follows is my impression from this design bienniale in Kortrijk, Belgium.

23rd Biennale

The 2012 edition marked the 23rd Biennale with a newly appointed curator Lowie Vermeersch. Some fresh ideas were set in motion by Lowie Vermeersch and his team. For the first time the bienniale show stepped out of Kortrijk Xpo with the new locations in the historic center of the city on the Buda island. The Buda island gives space to 108 young designers and gives visitors a chance to see how they work. The Xpo venue and the city center were connected by a free shuttle service run by Audi.

Temporary design city

The whole Xpo space was set up as a temporary design city with a city guide that you could follow. You've got like a main street cutting through the whole Xpo. The theme for this year was 'Biennale in the city & the city in the Biennale'. An important part of the new program was the 'Future Primitives Project Rooms'. These were seven artistic installations, including the work of designers and artists like Troika, Ross Lovegrove and Muller Van Severen. They gave you a glance at the interiors of tomorrow. I especially liked the Muller Van Severen one. The design was so minimal, pure and clean! There was this chemistry between the lines and colors. The result was something that is really timeless. Below you can see the two designers talking about their project.

A journey through the biennale with my images

My impressions of Interieur 2012. 'Biennale in the city & the city in the Biennale' was this years theme. Photos of Dark, Pastoe, Muller Van Severen and more…

In hall 4 and also part of the 'Future Primitives Project Rooms' was Ross Lovegrove’s 'LiquidKristal' glass walls. They used a special heat transfer technique to get their flowing, organic shape. In that same hall Greg Lynn's creation captured my attention too. He dreamed up the 'RV (Room Vehicle)', as he calls it. It looked like a space capsule that is constantly changing its position. A bit far fetched honestly as you would have to constantly adapt your position when you are sitting inside it.


One of my other favorites of this Xpo was the Dutch brand Pastoe. I always look forward to see what they come up with. Their products are very minimal and they offer great customization as you can use their furniture as building blocks to get to your own personal creation available in a broad range of colors. You could use an iPad to see how it would look in your living room. The successful design duo Scholten & Baijings have designed the Shift cabinet. By working with translucent sliding doors in different colors in combination with a color gradient, an intriguing play of colors is created when the cabinet is opened and closed. Also launched there is a cabinet called 'Landscape'. The cabinet is distinguished by its stacked bodies with open and closed compartments and dividing rails. The eye-catcher however was this old desk by Cees Braakman. Pastoe will celebrate their 100th birthday in 2013 with something special.

The 23rd Biennale Interieur ran from October 20 to 28 in the city of Kortrijk.

Another new part that I enjoyed were the small pop-up like restaurants throughout the Xpo that used the furniture that also could be seen at the Biennale Interieur 2012. Hope you liked my personal impression through a journey of pictures. The Xpo itself had 300 international brands and 84.000 people out of 69 different countries visited during the nine days.

This Bienniale was important for the future. We can now work towards the next edition with an open and positive outlook. We have seen what the possibilities are and will certainly use them as a base for 2014.

 — curator Lowie Vermeersch


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