Ikea STOCKHOLM collection 2013

20 Jun 2013

Ikea launched its new STOCKHOLM collection recently here in Europe (April) and it is coming to the US in August. This new collection is Ikea's answer & proof that they are able to compete against the smaller, specialized furniture stores, in terms of quality, design, and budget. The collection focuses on “Smart Craftsmanship” and aims to bring high-end design to the masses at a low price point.

Some items of the Ikea STOCKHOLM collection 2013

Built to last longer

The STOCKHOLM 2013 collection is a wide range of furniture that should last longer than one generation. That's quite a strong statement coming from Ikea, a brand that we often link with furniture that falls apart after a move. That's why they are calling it “Smart Craftsmanship”. They have used materials like walnut, an elegant hardwood known for its strength and durability. A material that also becomes better with age and usage. I also like the sofa in full-grain leather, but my absolute favorite of the collection are those beautiful dining chairs. Another material they used is porcelain, something that has been a favorite for centuries. The mouth blown vases are also eye-catchers.

We wanted to contrast straight lines and curved shapes, painted surfaces and natural wood, glossy finishes with matte surfaces.

 — Ola Wihlborg

The whole collection consists of individual pieces that belong to the same family but are also perfectly combinable with your other furniture. The furniture has a distinctly Scandinavian touch. According to Ikea this collection is manufactured, packaged and transported in a way that it gives customers the best value for money. The fourth installment of STOCKHOLM took three years to create.


The collection seems inspired by the 50s and 60s but is still timeless enough to last a long life cycle. Mid-Century Modern. The running theme through the whole collection is nature with the organic shapes, textures, and color schemes. In the two movies below you'll hear what inspired this collection from Viveca Olsson, Creative Director of the STOCKHOLM collection and Ola Wihlborg, one of the designers behind the STOCKHOLM collection.

There is much more in the Ikea STOCKHOLM collection. I've only scratched the surface. Browse the full collection here.

All photographs by Ikea


  1. 1 Alex 20 Jun 2013

    A shame that their own product site doesn’t feature the products as well as your post does.