I love Belgium

12 Jul 2010

If it comes to promoting oneself, the Belgians aren't a match for the Dutch in my humble opinion. Don't know how that comes exactly, but one reason could be that there is a perception here that you can't be too successful and tell the world about what you do. If you do, there will be haters and the typical jealousy etc. That's why the following discovery made me happy with their different approach of turning the spotlight on our beautiful little country.

I love Belgium

This young new blog run by Tom & Stijn focusses regionalism and want to let people know that there is more to Belgium than chocolate and beer. I love Belgium is showcasing Belgian related culture, lifestyle, fashion, art and food news. The blog is a great insight into rising stars and established talent. There are posts about architecture, hotels, photography, clothing, and street art. If you browse around you'll discover even so much more. If you are from Belgium like me you'll probably discover things about our country that you didn't know before. In short, it is a fascinating journey, and I highly suggest checking them out!

Image used on the Modern Home Design section are cupcakes by Julie's House, an artisanal bakery in Ghent.

I love Belgium blog


  1. 1 Sofie 12 Jul 2010

    Dank je voor de link naar ilovebelgium.be :) Schitterend!