Grand Repos & Repos Lounge Chair

17 Apr 2012
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

I can't imagine the thoughts that must have crossed Antonio Citterio's mind when Vitra asked him to design a new type of lounge chair. It must have been daunting & challenging to do all that with a masterpiece like the Eames Lounge Chair in the collection. A bonus was undoubtedly the fact that he had worked together with Vitra on a regular basis for around 25 years.

Grand Repos

Antonio Citterio

Antonio Citterio is an architect and designer and lives and works in Milan, Italy. In that period of 25 years Antonio Citterio created a variety of designs for Vitra – including several pioneering office chairs, an office system and Mobile Elements for mobile office storage.

Grand Repos

This Grand Repos lounge chair was launched in 2011 and lengthens the tradition of the classic lounge chair. This chair was Antonio Citterio's debut to the living room, and he developed the concept of a lounge chair further, and took it to a new level. Take the backrest and seat for example, they both move independently of each other, and can be adjusted to various angles – from a comfortable sitting position to a relaxing resting position.

Pleasant sitting

The wide armrests and the body-contoured backrest in the lumbar zone ensure pleasant sitting. A concealed synchronized spring-tension mechanism in the chair automatically adjusts to the user’s weight and gently lowers the seat when the backrest is tilted backwards. During the transformation of the angle of the seat you still have a comfortable sitting position and optimum back support. The chair can also be locked in any position.

Photos by: Vitra

It seems you can choose between 2 different models, either with or without the head side-rests. Even though I like the design of both, as they both share similar comfort and elegance, I think the one with the head side-rests would be my preferred choice. The look of this one feels a bit more like a cocoon, and will therefore give me the feeling of total relaxation, shutting myself off from the world.

This chair's name is perfectly chosen and looks very comfortable for a true moment of repose. I bet even a bad sleeper as me wouldn't have trouble dozing off in this Grand Repos lounge chair.