17 Jun 2011

I'm keeping it local with some new work from Danny Venlet, a half Australian, half Dutch interior architect/designer living in Belgium. Let's look at a new office desk that is designed to be around you instead of the usual straight desks that we know and use.

GOGGLE DESK for Babini Office

The GOGGLE DESK is a sculptural object that is meant to be inside an office or room. It can stand on its own and impresses viewers. It seems something that fits in both modern and more classic interiors. Very enjoyable to look at as the designer says himself in the movie below. It is a nice approach to make a desk a centerpiece. My personal favorite is the white one in combination with the wood. An important aspect in choosing a desk for me personally is how the cable problem gets solved. I don't like a mess up and under my desk. The pictures don't make this clear how the GOGGLE DESK deals with this.

GOGGLE DESK can be chosen in glossy lacquer both inside and out, glossy lacquer outside and matt inside both in finish with contrasting colors and in a third alternative, in the event that the containment option is preferred, with drawers, modesty panel and credenza doors in olive wood.

How does Babini Office sees it?

This is how Italian brand Babini Office describes the GOGGLE DESK:

GOGGLE DESK is the new and innovative interpretation of the presidential office. Rounded shapes, imposing sizes and a rich selection of finishes and materials. GOGGLE DESK is a project designed for future oriented managers and executives, able to mix functionality and elegance. It is an elite presidential designed for those who love to set themselves apart from the crowd, which recognizes the importance of having an object of design in their office, not a simple desk, but an article of furniture which leaves visitors and guests pleasantly surprised and breathless.

Interview with Danny Venlent

Below you can watch an interview with the designer of the GOGGLE DESK.


  1. 1 Joe 19 Jun 2011

    I love the desk, but I’m actually curious about what kind of chair that is in the pictures. Do you happen to know?

  2. 2 Veerle Pieters 20 Jun 2011


    I love the desk, but I’m actually curious about what kind of chair that is in the pictures. Do you happen to know?

    Yes I do…The office chair is called Space and is also by Babini Office.

  3. 3 Hans Verhaegen 22 Jun 2011

    I used to work briefly for Danny some years ago. He is still a bit underestimated (here in Belgium). His work is always a very nice combination of simple but well thought out ideas and excellent execution. love the way he comes up with names for his objects…