Francis Francis Y1

18 Mar 2011

I'm not an espresso drinker myself as I don't own such a machine. Many people do apparently. In researching a topic I came across today's item. The design immediately caught my attention as it is strikingly elegant. Meet Francis Francis Y1.

The iperEspresso system

Illy's latest coffee machine is the result of 3 years of research led by Carlo Bach, art director at Illy in collaboration with the MM Design firm. The design is innovative when being compared with others. Like I mentioned in the intro, it worked for me, the design is eye-catching and compact. It measures 24cm (w) x 24cm (d) x 27,5cm (h) and hides each component inside, and doubles as storage for cups. The system uses "illy’s revolutionary iperEspresso system which produces a delightfully aromatic, full-bodied yet remarkably smooth espresso with velvety creme".

An espresso machine quite unlike any other

Environmentally friendly?

They used recyclable quality materials such as aluminum, glass and stainless steel. I couldn't find out if the capsules are recyclable though. I know that the competition (read Nespresso) has a recycle program in place here in Belgium. You can send them back when you receive new capsules. Not sure if Illy offers something similar.

See how it all works

It is a smart design alright as you'll see in the movie below. They clearly thought it through before bringing it to market. Hence the 3 years of research mentioned earlier. I love the height-adjustable cup drip tray.


  1. 1 vonKlepper 18 Mar 2011

    Very Beautiful design! I have always loved illy products and design but I just wish these expensive machines did not require “proprietary coffee”. Coffee at “root” is a simple idea but is made out to be so complex with these devices. Aeropress user :)

  2. 2 Alessandro Marengo 20 Mar 2011

    Uao! Great stunning design! As an italian coffee avid consumer, I’d still rather prefer the moka… :)