CYLO urban bicycle

24 Apr 2014
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

It doesn't happen often that a new bike design grabs my attention. This one however done by Nike's former design director Eric Duvauchelle has managed to do that. It took 18 months of design, engineering and passion to bring it to life. The bicycle's name is CYLO and the frame was designed in partnership with ARRO.STUDIO from Paris, France.

CYLO, the ultimate urban bicycle

Performance, functionality and style

The frame is exactly what grabbed my attention with its modern silhouette and seamlessly integrated features like the bike lights and fenders. It sure is to turn some heads when you ride it. It's a bike for what is called 'urban' riding. The frame is created in aluminium because it offers the best strength to weight ratio with corrosion resistance and it is cheaper than titanium.

I hear you thinking what about a rack? Well from what I saw on their site they are working on a simple mounting interface for a front mounting rack that will not impede maneuverability while under load and doesn't ruin the look of the bike. However it isn't final yet. CYLO will be available with a Single, 3 Speed and 11 Speed gears and has a carbon belt drive to keep your pants clean. The lights are embedded in the frame so you don't forget them or they get stolen. The back light is special and very cool because it has an embedded accelerometer which means that the rear light will brighten as brake and slow down. They are dynamo powered LED lights and are 205 lumens strong. The lens is perfectly angled to ensure full awareness of your surroundings and to be highly visible.

CYLO is our vision of the perfect urban bicycle. So simple you’ll wonder how you lived for so long without it. It will take you right back to the feeling you had as a kid on hot summer days, freely exploring as you coasted down the street on your first adventure.

 — CYLO co-founder Eric Duvauchelle

The CYLO will be available in Poppy Red as well as classic high gloss white and black. It's not available yet and when it does it will only for sale in the US at first. The CYLO will be manufactured, assembled and shipped from Portland, Oregon and pricing is currently set at $1,850 for the Prime, $2,150 for the Max 3 and $3,150 for Ultimate 11. All the specs of this bicycle are found here.