Corniches by Vitra

07 Nov 2012

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are back with something new for Vitra, the Swiss furniture manufacturer. The product was introduced during Milan design week and it's a product that tries to be a solution to the quest of creating small impromptu storage spaces to display items.

Impromptu storage area

This time the French brothers are presenting 'Corniches' an idea to create an impromptu storage area. A playful flexible storage solution that can be used individually or installed as a larger grouping. They aren't like the usual shelves but rather individual, isolated protrusions in the environments. Corniches arose from the need for small storage spaces to spontaneously keep items.

The same way that we hang our belongings on a rock jutting from a cliff before diving into the sea, we need small, informal storage in everyday life too.

 — Ronan Bouroullec

You can use them as a key board next to the front door, as a place for everyday items in the bathroom, as a stage for a small collection of objects. The fun part is that it is up to you how you arrange and use them. Anything is possible. The Corniches are available in three sizes and a variety of colors including black, white and red and are made of high quality plastic. They are available at


  1. 1 Jual Rumah 30 Nov 2012

    Nice decoration. Is it good if we put those decorations on a green or yellow-colored-wall? I’d love to try this at my house. Thank you.