Charlotte Lancelot

11 Mar 2011
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

This week we stay in Belgium for our portion of design. The flowing items are created by a young Belgian designer called Charlotte Lancelot. Charlotte is convinced that design can change the world.

Design can change the world

After her studies at the art school of La Cambre in 2003 she began to work together with architect & designer Alain Berteau. That collaboration eventually led to her own collection in 2006. The collection got its premiere at the Satellite fair in Milan.

Forget Me Not

"Forget-me-not" is a set of clothes-hooks, the petals bent so that articles can be hung from them. This is a product in the sphere of emotion, refinement, poetic beauty and harmony. As such, it can also be simply decorative and give rise to floral combinations.

clothes-hooks forget me not

Orchid Collection

Orchid is a tableware collection designed around the principle of repetition of a flower with four petals. The placemat and coaster’s pattern is reminiscent of lace and offers multiple possibilities of superposition. In this sense, the object can also be used as a decoration on the table. Like a piece of art, this object gives free rein to creativity. Customers can make their own associations of shape and colors.

Orchid placemats

Conical Chair

A study of bending curves enabled the thickness of the structure to be reduced, which is the object's key element, so much so that in certain versions the seat itself tends to disappear. Conical chair is an object both modern in its construction and traditional in its form. The chairs are stackable and have a carrying handle.

Conical chair