Cat Cube

13 Dec 2013
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Cat owners that have a modern interior will always have a hard time finding accessories for their pet that fits their style. Luckily there are designers that like to tackle that problem. It gets even better when today's item is being designed and developed in Belgium. Meet Delphine Courier's Cat Cube after the jump.

Cat Cube

Made in Ghent

Delphine Courier is a graphic designer from Ghent, Belgium. Judging from Delphine's portfolio a big part of her work exists of visual identities and printed matter. As far I can see Cat Cube & DCups are the only two products so far.

Geometric design

The best projects always start from a personal need to improve something. That's how Cat Cube also started. Delphine has a cat called Pistache and like many cats there is this love for boxes. However like I mentioned in the beginning most people who produce cat products haven't a good taste for design. Delphine wanted to create something that would satisfy her passion for cats and her taste in design, something that would be fun for her cat Pistache to play with but would also go well in her interior.

For the design I turned to a geometrical form called 'icosahedron', for 'looks comfy'. I went for cardboard as a material because, well, it’s Pistache’s favorite material for all sitting on, rolling on, rubbing against and other this-is-mine activities. Plus, it’s lightweight and sturdy! Adding an abstract design print, the Cat Cube became an easy to assemble and disassemble (cats travel light!), inexpensive piece that will fit right into any contemporary interior.

 — Delphine Courier

The result is beautiful and environmentally friendly as it is made from recycled cardboard. No glue, no toxic chemicals, just eco-friendly ink, so it can be recycled too. There are three designs you can choose from. Cat Cube comes as a flat package, ideal for transport and you don't need any glue or other material to assemble the package. Just lovely isn't it? 100% Belgian too! This page has al the addresses where you can buy the handsome Cat Cube.

See it in person at C-Mine

The design got picked up by Marked, a project that gives young designers the oppertunity to get their designs out there so they can make a living out of it. You can see the Cat Cube in person at the C-Mine in Genk, Belgium until March 9, 2014.