Brussels Herbs plant pots

18 Oct 2011

Fresh herbs, I like to use them as much as possible when I'm cooking. Only problem for me personally are the pots they are in now. They aren't exactly pretty to keep on the table in plain sight. So I started doing some research to find a better solution that pleases my designer eye. After some browsing I stumbled upon some really neat ones with a familar name.

Designed in Holland

The pots that caught my attention are produced by Dutch pottery firm Elho (sorry, no link because the site plays music unwanted, and uses frames plus Flash, so I can't even link to the English version), and are called "Brussels Herbs plant pots". They are designed by Bas van der Veer and allow you to grow herbs right inside the kitchen or any other room where there is enough light for things to grow. I love it when design brings nature closer to our everyday lives.

Brussels Herbs plant pots Brussels Herbs plant pots

Playful design

The design is playful and fits greatly in small-spaced kitchens. The Brussels Herbs pot comes with itty-bitty multiblade scissors, enabling you to snip herbs like chives and basil right over a plate. The scissors are held within a special handle next to the pot so you don't need to go pick them out of a drawer. I also like that there is a double version of the Brussels Herbs that was specifically designed to provide room for two different kitchen herbs in one pot. They come in different colors too.

Brussels Herbs plant pots Brussels Herbs plant pots

I'm definitely buying a double one (or two) but I'll have to wait a little longer as The Brussels Herbs series will be available from the end of 2011 in garden centres, DIY stores and webshops across Europe.


  1. 1 Kerby 20 Oct 2011

    The pots are very interesting. These are truly innovative! Very nice post. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. 2 Yentl 20 Oct 2011

    Looks really lovely. I guess this would be a great gift for anyone who likes cooking.

  3. 3 ronnie 26 Oct 2011

    Great photo’s!