Böwer Sideboard and Highboard

02 Apr 2012

I just discovered German manufacturer Böwer. For today's post I just picked out two of their pieces that really appeal to me because of their mimimal look and grapical appearance. Both are designed by Eric Degenhardt. What follows is the description of the furniture as they appeared on the Böwer web site.

Highboard 120

Highboard 120: a piece of furniture wrapped in itself. Slender, compact, upward striving, elm wood with clear finish or painted. The circumventing coat of measuring only 6 mm in thickness frames the tilted frontside allowing a view of the inside containing either drawers or open shelves.

Sideboard 180 & 240

Sideboard exists in two versions namely the 180 and the 240. Both are resting effortless on slender legs to let it even more appear in a light and almost floating way. The sideboard’s grid is giving the choice: It can be ordered with either doors, drawers or a combination of two doors, one drawer and one open compartment.

Photos by: Tillmann Franzen


  1. 1 holly 02 Apr 2012

    I have drooled over Böwer items since I found their laundry basket, of all things. It’s the P-DREI on their site. Not just for laundry, it is an absolutely beautiful container. Sadly, I can’t justify the cost at the moment. Still, I admire the designs and am happy that at least one company in the world is making a laundry basket that is not canvas or wicker.

    Thanks for refreshing my interest!