Bike by Me

25 Jun 2010
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Sometimes the thought "why does all the cool things always happen to be in the US" crosses my mind. If you thought that too with the Republic Bike article you are in luck as I discovered a Swedish company that basically does the same thing. They are based in Husqvarna...

Husqvarna, Sweden

Husqvarna is a name that rings a bell because it is also a brand for outdoor equipment like chain saws, riding mowers and loads of other tools. According to Roger from 465 Berea Street Summer in Sweden is very short, if you live there too and want a colorful bike this would be the right time to enjoy it. Didn't had the chance to ask Roger if he heard anything about this brand as he is on his long Summer hiatus and avoids all things online.

Bike by Me

Bike by Me is a very new business that launched earlier this month if I am not mistaken. The company allows their customers to build the bike they really want. The color of practically every element of the bicycle, from the frame to the chain, can be customized in the color of your liking. They aren't too expensive too with the 499 Euro price tag.

Some Bike by Me possibilities

Jellybean Bikes

If you live on the other side of the globe, young Australian brand Jellybean Bikes offers exactly the same service. Same deal, you can customize every part of your bike. A simple idea that seems to be catching on.