basalte LED based light switches

27 May 2011

I've got more Belgian quality design for you today. My first contact with today's company was at Interieur 2010 if memory serves me right. In the comments of last week's item about the Spock LED light I got reminded about it by Alexandre Chailleux in the comments.

Smart, touch sensitive switches

Light switches, power sockets, Ethernet sockets often are a forgotten piece of interior design. Not so for Belgian company basalte. They specialize in home automation. Home automation should be simple and add comfort to the complexity of the modern home. What you immediately notice is that these are gorgeous to look at. Beauty is hollow without the accompanying function that excels in simplicity. Their motto sounds promising:

Home automation systems are often designed from a technical point of view, while we believe that one should be able to switch lights on and off in an intuitive way, without thinking about which switch to press.

Reddot design award

I can attest that this isn't a hollow marketing slogan. They really thought long and hard about functionality too. Touch is hot judging from the iPad's success. basalte knows that too and they do it with panache. They won the Reddot design award 5 years in a row now!

Programmable switches

The programmable switches by basalte are equipped with touch-sensitive technology making them the most user-friendly among other switches. They are also equipped with patented multi-touch technology that activates various functions when you touch more than one surface of the switch. What follows is how basalte describes their switches in their brochure.



In their search for simplicity, they have created a new user experience using innovative touch sensitive technology, which makes the entire surface sensitive to touch. As a single function switch, Tacto switches or dims lights, or controls scenes and blinds at only the slightest touch without pointing to a specific area. The integrated multicolor LED backlight makes Tacto visible in the dark and can also be used for status feedback.

Tacto closed Tacto open


The basic idea of Sentido is very simple, yet very innovative. Divide a square in equal surfaces that each control different functions. The entire surface is touch sensitive, creating a very easy and unique way of control. Touching more than one surface at the same time turns on and off all the lights in a room or can control a general scene. This patented multitouch function makes light control highly intuitive and user friendly. The integrated temperature sensor reports discretely the room temperature to the home automation system while the multicolor LED backlight can be used for status feedback or simply to light up Sentido in the dark.

Sentido 4-way Sentido 2-way


Mona is a sensually designed light switch with a finely drawn geometric stylistic language. Harmoniously it seems to melt into the wall. By its simple, architectural shape it goes with any style. Mona features a touch-sensitive surface allowing comfortable and elegant handling. In switched-off position light emitting diodes illuminate the light switch with a softly shimmering ring.

Mona options


Inspired by Italian design of the late fifties, Enzo combines retro with luxury based on craftsmanship and high quality materials. The fine rounded border is made of polished aluminum while the inlay can be leather or glass. Despite its retro look, Enzo uses the latest technology and features highly sensitive touch sensors, multitouch capability and temperature sensing. The integrated multicolor LED backlight makes Enzo visible in the dark and can also be used for status feedback.

Enzo 4-way Enzo 2-way


Deseo combines great functionality and an innovative user interface in a sleek minimalistic design. Highly sensitive touch sensors are used to navigate through the different functions. Deseo can control lights, scenes, shutters and blinds, temperature and even the multi room music system. All at the slightest touch. Because they like to keep things simple.

Deseo roomcontroller


Auro is everything what a motion detector should be, small, fast and almost invisible. When mounted in the ceiling, the innovative flat design makes Auro to completely blend in. Only requiring an opening of 44mm, it is very easy to install. Auro has a built in light sensor for light dependent switching, dimming and controlling scenes and can even be- have differently during day or night. With a vertical detection angle of 90° it has a detection area with a diameter of 5m when installed at a height of 2.5m, making it perfect for hallways, toilets and small rooms.



To complement their products with sockets and outlets, they have designed frames with the same finishing as our switches. These frames can be used in combination with 55mm inserts from all major manufacturers. The frames are available in 1-gang, 2-gang and 3-gang.


  1. 1 Jonathan 28 May 2011

    These are so awesome! :)

  2. 2 Grig 31 May 2011

    Related to reducing the number of switches, programmable devices also allow for panel size real estate to be decreased, as fewer switches translates to less space required to mount them. Similarly, when adding functions, panel size does not necessarily have to be increased, as once again, a single programmable switch is capable of accomplishing the same functions of multiple dedicated function keys. All this in turn reduces raw material costs needed to build the device or panel.

  3. 3 Robert 13 Jun 2011

    These are so awesome! I like it….