Baobab by Xavier Lust

08 May 2011
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Xavier Lust is a Belgian designer born in 1969 that studied interior design in Brussels, where he also opened his own design studio in 1992. Leading Italian brands are important clients of his studio since 2000. One of those, MDF Italia, is the one that produced today's item.

Baobab by MDF Italia

Baobab by Xavier Lust for MDF Italia looks like a sculpture of modern art. To me it also looks like a sturdy tree with free-flowing branches at the top. Its fluid liquid nature which got me fascinated, plus its white color also reminds me of milk. A snapshot of milk about to be spilled. No surprise that Xavier Lust draws inspiration from nature. The extraordinary shape created in a material called Cristalplant is a coat hanger produced by MDF Italia.

What is Cristalplant?

Cristalplant is an advanced composite material made from a high percentage of natural minerals and a small percentage of pure polyester and acrylic polymers. Non toxic and 100% recyclable with high UV resistance. Cristalplant is also 100% restorable, which means that it can be brought back to its original state with a simple detergent and abrasive sponge. If there would be cigarette on the surface they could be removed this way.

Baobab by Xavier Lust