Annorlunda by Ikea

22 Apr 2011

Design doesn't have to be expensive. If there is one company that lives up to that, it's Ikea. Ikea's design department recently selected 5 designers to go to India & Vietnam to absorb the colors and brainstorm about surprising limited editions. The result is indeed colorful just as I like it.

Swedish & Ethnic

The result of this exotic mission is a limited pop-up edition with ethnic influences, cheerful colors and invigorating braiding. You know that colors are important to me. The furniture takes a cue from the fashion industry by using color blocking, the absolute trend in fashion this Summer. Color blocking means using multiple bright colors in one look. The woven seats are handmade, just like the pots, vases and hanging lanterns.

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Ethnic charm

I love the turquoise wicker chair. There are also low tables in all colors, mosquito nets, special eye-catching lamps, oriental hanging lanterns, cheerful pots (especially the turquoise-orange one) and clear glass vases. The last surprise is the oriental makeover of the famous yellow Ikea shopping bag.

One of the five Ikea designers expressed the limited pop-up collection in the follow way:

Here today, gone tomorrow

You'll have to mark May 9th May 2nd in your agenda as that is the day that this limited pop-up collection called Annorlunda goes on sale here in Belgium. Sadly this collection will only be sold in two Ikea shops, namely IKEA Zaventem and IKEA Anderlecht. Too bad this won't be available at Ikea Ghent, the one closest to me. I have no idea how this collection will be sold in other countries. I can't imagine this is a Belgian only thing.

Make sure to hover and click the image to navigate to the other images - All photos by Ikea.


  1. 1 Erik Bernskiold 23 Apr 2011

    Fun fact for you, the Swedish word “annorlunda” means different. :)