Angle by A2

04 Mar 2011

Scandinavian design has always been highly regarded. Today's article brings us to Sweden where we find A2 designers, the design studio behind the furniture brand A2. After working on different comissioned projects a while they decided to launch our own furniture brand.

If I was looking for a bookcase/shelf to place in the living room or office the following item would definitely be on my shortlist. The Angle has all the right features to tick off my boxes of desire. You notice it right away by its unusable lines and shapes. I love the fact that the grid doesn't consist of straight horizontal and vertical lines, and yet still is in perfect harmony. It gives an illusion of a funny perspective when you view it from certain angles, which of makes it interesting to look at.


With its distinct expression Angle is a sculptural and yet functional shelf. Angle is dimensioned to hold books of different sizes, binders and magazines as well as ornaments.

  • DESIGN: Sara Larsson
  • MATERIAL: painted MDF
  • COLOR: white
  • DIMENSIONS: W 199 x D 30 X H 92 cm
Angle bookcase/shelf by A2
Angle bookcase/shelf by A2


  1. 1 Maeva 04 Mar 2011

    God, it’s absolutely gorgeous! To bad it costs around €1500 though :(

  2. 2 ben 04 Mar 2011

    Nice piece, shouldn’t be hard to manufacture yourself though. Any cabinet maker can do this for $500-600.

  3. 3 Ala'a 05 Mar 2011

    Amazing Idea :)

  4. 4 aris 05 Mar 2011

    Looks great! I think though that the angles the verticals make with the horizontals (non-90 degree) mean that there is deformation stress on the book spines as the books are forced to twist. Of course if the designer has researched this and decided the amount of stress is acceptable and that heavy, bound, expensive books won’t get trashed.

  5. 5 Jake 11 Mar 2011

    Wow, what a great idea - May even give this a try myself :P

  6. 6 Bill Bone 15 Mar 2011

    I want two!