A British Design story

15 Sep 2011

British design has invaded La Fabrika in Brussels in celebration of Design September 2011 festival. This event presents the international brands that are on the Belgian market in the showrooms of agents and importers and in the emblematic design shops of Brussels. In La Fabrika you can admire the work of Donna Wilson.

British designer of the year (2010)

In 2010 Donna Wilson was British designer of the year. Donna Wilson's creations are characterized by a playful nature and a colorful palette. All elements that tick off my boxes such as funky creatures, bright colors, quirky homeware and bold patterns.

In honor of the Design September 2011 festival the London crafts queen has created an installation around her designs, together with British manufacturers Ercol and SCP. She has been described as "a magician with wool" or a "material miracle".

Something you'll notice in her striking upholstered furniture that you can admire in the pictures featured below. I especially like her color usage and inspiring patterns.

Donna's new collection

During Design September La Fabrika shows pieces from Donna Wilson’s new collection, furniture collaborations with SCP as well as 4 one off wrapped Ercol pieces! This is what Donna has to say about the wrapped Ercol pieces:

I really enjoyed the process of winding and wrapping these pieces, using various shades of yarn graduating through colour pallets. I love the contrast between the pale natural wood and the tactile wool, both natural materials, which through the wrapping techniques complement each other perfectly. The wool adds a softness and an element of craft with references to basket weaving and knitting to these pieces which are part of Ercol’s originals range.


Tomorrow, September 16th there is a little vernissage at La Fabrika in the Rue A. Dansaertstraat 182, 1000 brussels where you can have a drink and ask Donna Wilson some questions about her work. You can visit the installation (runs until September 30th) from Monday to Saturday from 11am - 6.30pm. You can also follow Donna on her blog.

Photos by: La Fabrika.


  1. 1 Jayati 19 Sep 2011

    Amazing collections. The work of Donna Wilson is really admirable.

  2. 2 Emiel 22 Sep 2011

    Wow I really simply MUST have that ... err ... bookshelf-thing that’s on the wall: brilliant piece!