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Eva Solo Bird Table

11 Oct 2011
If you are a bird lover like me and want to attract your feathered friends to your backyard in style, then you need to read about this slik looking Eva Solo Bird Table after the jump.

Teak chair 475

10 Jul 2011
Time to go outside since it is summertime. Outdoor furniture has been gaining importance over the years. The garden becomes an extension of the house. Design plays an important role in this evolution. Design is a true vocation for Alias, the brand of the chair we will talk about today.


01 Apr 2011
With only a few more months to go it is time to start thinking about being outside until late at night. Mood plays an important role in that. Fire seems perfect for that, hence the trend of those outdoor fireplaces.


18 Jan 2011
Even when it is still Winter outside it doesn't hurt to look a little bit ahead to what Summer could offer us. Summertime means spending a lot of time outdoors. Hopefully in the nicest possible way. One item that I wouldn't mind having in my garden right after the jump.

The nogg

02 Dec 2010
I don't have chickens myself (no garden yet), but if I did I would have the following item on my wish list. Most chicken coops are ugly and you would place them out of sight. Not the case with the nogg. Finally something that doesn't need to be tucked away.
INTERIEUR 2010, the international Design Biennale closed its doors on Sunday evening of October 24th. I visited the fair a few days earlier and had a great time discovering inspiring designs. Geert & I arrived at 10am and had to rush the last two halls to get out by 6pm. New design experiences, that's what the 22nd edition of INTERIEUR 2010 offered the public. My impressions of Interieur 2010

Swedish Town House

24 Aug 2010
You don't always have to own a big house to create a spacious feeling. It is always fascinating to see how architects are able to create something really cool with limited space. Just like designers, they are also problem solvers and have to work within boundaries. The house in this post is built on a 75 square meter small site.
I am on the lookout for a stylish outdoor thermometer. I thought this would be an easy task and that there would be an overwhelming amount of options available. Boy, was I wrong! Had to search really hard to find some stylish ones. I know that we live in a mass-produced world that doesn't always care for design aesthetics, but I never imagined it would this bad.

I love Belgium

12 Jul 2010
If it comes to promoting oneself, the Belgians aren't a match for the Dutch in my humble opinion. Don't know how that comes exactly, but one reason could be that there is a perception here that you can't be too successful and tell the world about what you do. If you do, there will be haters and the typical jealousy etc. That's why the following discovery made me happy with their different approach of turning the spotlight on our beautiful little country.
Today I'll take a look at the architecture and interior of the Belgian pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai that runs from 1 May through 31 October 2010. The event in Shanghai will host over 200 countries that participate with their own building. The theme of this year’s expo is "Better City, Better Life", a plea for a better living in future urban environments thanks to a carefully devised urban policy and sustainable development...
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