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The Sunflower House

29 Jul 2015
A house with a view! In fact the whole house is designed to include the beautiful scenery and incorporate them within the most significant spaces in the house. The location is perfect for this as it is right in front of the Mediterranean sea, in one of the most beautiful areas of the Spanish coast. Not a bad view to wake up to! I also love the geometric approach to it.

Mal 1956

13 May 2015
The first time I saw the following product I immediately thought oh no not another copy cat. It wouldn’t be the first and certainly not the last. However this isn’t the case as Mal Furniture, a Dutch, Eindhoven based design label has been granted a limited in time homage to Charles and Ray Eames by Vitra. They re-created one of the greatest design icons of the fifties in plastic.

Mirtoon by ZEE

07 May 2013
The trend that inside becomes outside is still going strong. You don't see the difference anymore when looking at furniture, light fixtures and even weather-resistant rugs to make one’s yard look as smart as a living room. The Belgian design firm ZEE takes this one step further by focussing on the details.
After writing about the re-thinking of the classical cottage-box shape garden shed in the form of COTTAGE N°1 by De Castelli, it is time to go to the next level. Meet this modern prefab concept called Mini House after the jump.

Hopper by Extremis

20 Sep 2012
Summer may be over tomorrow but it wouldn't be the first time that the first half of October delivers enough warmth to still enjoy some quality time outside. That's when today's item comes into play, it's completely Belgian and got its first public viewing at Interieur 2010 at Kortrijk. This bench is my favorite place to have lunch or to read a book.

Loft Evo chair

06 Sep 2012
There is still some time left to enjoy life outside in the garden. An essential element in that enjoyment is outdoor furniture. I don't know about you but I really hate those ugly plastic seats that you see everywhere. I want something more refined and something that speaks to me visually.


18 Mar 2012
The world of garden sheds isn't exactly known for its eye for aesthetics. If you want something modern and minimalistic you'll have a hard time finding an outdoor storage shed that matches that description. Thanks to Italian brand De Castelli that isn't a problem anymore.
Massproductions is a Stockholm based furniture company, run by designers Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck. Massproductions develop high quality, tactile furniture in a modernist spirit. The brand has been on the Belgian market for about two year and their bestseller is the Tio chair that I'll show here today.

Eva Solo Bird Table

11 Oct 2011
If you are a bird lover like me and want to attract your feathered friends to your backyard in style, then you need to read about this slik looking Eva Solo Bird Table after the jump.

Teak chair 475

10 Jul 2011
Time to go outside since it is summertime. Outdoor furniture has been gaining importance over the years. The garden becomes an extension of the house. Design plays an important role in this evolution. Design is a true vocation for Alias, the brand of the chair we will talk about today.