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Quarterre Bike Racks

02 Mar 2012
I'm staying on the topic of bike storage solutions this week. The ones you are about to see have "design" in common with the Bike Shelf by Knife & Saw that I featured previously.

The Bike Shelf

16 Feb 2012
Beautiful bikes are something that I could look at for hours. The subtle design details, the colors, handlebar, saddle etc. Some are so nicely crafted that they could be an object in your interior. It also fixes a common problem, bikes always get in the way – either in the hall, leaning up against a wall, in the kitchen and so on. That's where today's item comes into play.


06 Sep 2011
I wanted to write something about what follows for a long time but somehow it got lost in my long list of ideas for subjects. Luckily when cleaning up my folder I rediscovered it. It's all about the bicycle after the jump.

Only the Brave bike

03 Feb 2011
It isn't the first time that fashion or sports brands hook up with a bike manufacture. This time the collaboration is between Diesel and Pinarello. To me Diesel has always been a brand that does trend hopping. They are doing it again with this bike geared towards the single-speed/fixie crowd.

Bike by Me

25 Jun 2010
Sometimes the thought "why does all the cool things always happen to be in the US" crosses my mind. If you thought that too with the Republic Bike article you are in luck as I discovered a Swedish company that basically does the same thing. They are based in Husqvarna...

Republic Bike

22 Jun 2010
One of the favorite things I like to do when I have some free time is biking. Belgium is a biking country, we have been doing it for ages but we aren't as known for it as our very vocal Dutch neighbors. Cycling is in our blood from birth :) The greatest cyclist ever calls Belgium his home. I'm talking about Eddy Merckx and his 525 wins. Eddy celebrated his 65th birthday a few days ago. This article is about expressing yourself on your bike through design and colors.