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The Copenhagen Wheel

15 Jan 2014
You are probably thinking what has Copenhagen in common with a wheel. Well for starters it isn't something from Denmark but from the United States. The wheel got its name because Copenhagen is famous for all its cyclists and being so bicycle friendly. Discover what the Copenhagen Wheel is exactly after the jump.
Good things come in small doses. You had to wait a bit but here is another special edition of some of my favorite discoveries of the past months. Hope you'll enjoy what you are about to see after the jump.
Vintage looking bikes, you see them everywhere, and they are becoming a rather popular sub category. Like with anything else, it's an art to create them just right without overdoing it. There is one Belgian company that masters the art of handmade bicycles like no other and they are called Achielle.


21 Dec 2012
I love to combine two favorite things I'm passioned about. That's exactly what the book that I'm going to talk about does. The book talks about history of food in the cycling peloton. Good food is something that I can immensely enjoy. Just like cycling it is part of our "Belgian" gene pool.
In one of my previous posts, I shared the illustration that I drew of my new race bike, together with a quote that I've lived up to even before I bought this bike. Over the past 4 years I've been evolving from a few hybrid type of bikes towards this light weight race bike. My cycling adventures grew gradually from rather short rides to longer ones. By the time I decided to buy a race bike, I was totally addicted to cycling, and I knew that every Euro spent would be very worthwhile as it would give me much joy and happiness. My 3 rides a week have become an important part of my life that I can't live without…

UBC Coren

27 Oct 2012
It has been some time since I posted a bike here that grabbed my attention. The one that I'm writing about today has done just that. Sadly it is one of these ridiculously expensive bikes that you'll never see in the shop. In other words an exclusive product.
Today I'll review the 1st edition of a brand new magazine called 'Etappe'. It's a Belgian magazine about cycling heroes brought to you by WieMu, short for 'Wielermuseum Roeselare' (cycling museum at Roeselare, Belgium).
I've featured a few bike storage solutions here before. They are all very different from the one that I'll share today. It doesn't do any space-saving tricks but it does have a certain cuteness that appeals to me.

My cycling history

15 Jun 2012
Many people have asked me about my bike and I have been wanting to write about it for some time but there was always something that came in between. No more! I finally made it a priority.
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