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A closer look at two bikes that captured my attention. Both are produced by Dutch brand Koga that develops and assembles bikes at their headquarters in Heerenveen. My Winter bike is a Koga and I'm very happy with its quality and would gladly recommend their bikes.
Some of you will know that I love to ride my bicycle. I try to share the beautiful scenery that I encounter along the way via my Instagram feed. I'm hopeful that my enthusiasm is creating an itch so that others would do the same. Find out why after the jump. I practice what I preach

The Copenhagen Wheel

15 Jan 2014
You are probably thinking what has Copenhagen in common with a wheel. Well for starters it isn't something from Denmark but from the United States. The wheel got its name because Copenhagen is famous for all its cyclists and being so bicycle friendly. Discover what the Copenhagen Wheel is exactly after the jump.

Cat Cube

13 Dec 2013
Cat owners that have a modern interior will always have a hard time finding accessories for their pet that fits their style. Luckily there are designers that like to tackle that problem. It gets even better when today's item is being designed and developed in Belgium. Meet Delphine Courier's Cat Cube after the jump.
Good things come in small doses. You had to wait a bit but here is another special edition of some of my favorite discoveries of the past months. Hope you'll enjoy what you are about to see after the jump.
One of the most famous designs of Charles and Ray Eames got a little update. I'm talking about the iconic Lounge Chair from 1956. The new all black Lounge Chair was announced in April at Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Stool 60 by Artek

13 Aug 2013
Going back to 1932… Around that time the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto finished the Paimio Sanatorium in Paimio, Finland. The building served exclusively as a tuberculosis sanatorium until the early 1960s, when it was converted into a general hospital. Today the building is part of the Turku University Hospital. The sanatorium was nominated to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Ikea launched its new STOCKHOLM collection recently here in Europe (April) and it is coming to the US in August. This new collection is Ikea's answer & proof that they are able to compete against the smaller, specialized furniture stores, in terms of quality, design, and budget. The collection focuses on “Smart Craftsmanship” and aims to bring high-end design to the masses at a low price point.

Mirtoon by ZEE

07 May 2013
The trend that inside becomes outside is still going strong. You don't see the difference anymore when looking at furniture, light fixtures and even weather-resistant rugs to make one’s yard look as smart as a living room. The Belgian design firm ZEE takes this one step further by focussing on the details.
As some of you might know I love to listen to my favorite kind of music while designing. To get an idea of what I listen to read last weeks post of my 5 favorite albums from 2012. You can only fully enjoy it if you hear the sound as clear and natural as possible across the full sound spectrum. Volume isn't important, quality is. It can only be achieved with a quality headphone or high quality earphones. Since a couple of weeks now I've been testing a set of earphones from a Scottish brand called RHA
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