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August 2011

QueB - Made by FARZ

27 Aug 2011
The product that I'll highlight today only exists out of one steel rail and three steel cubes and can be used to store CD's, DVD's, Books, … You can hang the boxes in any way you can imagine, this way you will never get bored easily by this flexible peace of furniture. QueB is a simple storage rack that is being ingeniously fixed to the wall, so none of the screws are visible.

20 Essentials

19 Aug 2011
If there is one word that I've come across multiple times it has to be pop-up. I'm sure it is a major contender for the next buzz word hype. The concept of these pop-up stores is that they are temporary stores just like the one Apple did in Austin during SXSW. The one I'm mentioning today is a bit close to home.

Kuubo by Vitra

13 Aug 2011
Finding a versatile working desk/table isn't easy as there is always something that has been overlooked. Personally I prefer the ones that make you hide the clutter. I can't function or be creative at a messy desk. The office solution we will talk about today fits within Vitra’s Citizen Office theme that we talked about some time ago.

Jacob Jensen

04 Aug 2011
A few weeks back I talked about Dieter Rams. There is another industrial designer that deserves a bit of attention as well. According to Beoworld this designer has the greatest number of honors and awards in the world. More saying is that his work is displayed in permanent collections in museums across the globe.