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July 2011

The kitchen has quickly become one of the most important areas in a house. I personally prefer minimalistic styled designs. The one we will discuss today is spot on in that category. It seems the perfect kitchen when space is limited or when you are renting a place and you don't want to invest too much money and still have something nice to look at.

Träullit Dekor

18 Jul 2011
It's no secret that I like geometrical shapes. Today's item totally fits this category. It's a product from Sweden and has great possibilities design wise. Träullit Dekor is an environment-friendly, recyclable hexagon tile made from wood wool, cement and water that you can put on your wall.

Teak chair 475

10 Jul 2011
Time to go outside since it is summertime. Outdoor furniture has been gaining importance over the years. The garden becomes an extension of the house. Design plays an important role in this evolution. Design is a true vocation for Alias, the brand of the chair we will talk about today.


01 Jul 2011
This week's item has been collecting design awards. Not only for its looks but also for its functionality. It's too beautiful to be hidden. Manufactured by Konstantin Slawinski located in Germany and designed by DING3000 PRODUCT DESIGN (Carsten Schelling, Ralf Webermann, Sven Rudolph), from Germany as well.