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June 2011

In this post our attention is towards an installation by Valentin Ruhry, an artist living in Vienna and Graz. His art installations and artistic materials often deal with topics from everyday life, but treated in a humorous manner. The one that follows after the jump certainly made me smile.


17 Jun 2011
I'm keeping it local with some new work from Danny Venlet, a half Australian, half Dutch interior architect/designer living in Belgium. Let's look at a new office desk that is designed to be around you instead of the usual straight desks that we know and use.
Today's post is a small collection of design items that I've discovered the last weeks. I've created a new look for this that I can play around with. Love the flexibility that this gives me. A bit more proof that a CMS doesn't necessary mean it has be "template" like. There will be several of these kind of series that I'll come back to from time to time. Hope you'll enjoy my small selection.
The great thing about design is that it can be timeless. Not easy to achieve but there are enough examples floating around that fit that category. One of them is a chair that was introduced more than 50 years ago. It's probably the best selling piece of Eames furniture, namely the Lounge Chair & Ottoman.