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May 2011

I've got more Belgian quality design for you today. My first contact with today's company was at Interieur 2010 if memory serves me right. In the comments of last week's item about the Spock LED light I got reminded about it by Alexandre Chailleux in the comments.

Spock by Modular

22 May 2011
On my todo list for the house I still have two light fixtures that I need to find. There is no rush as I want to bump into them by chance. One of those needs to be an eye-catcher and the other something low profile. I'm 99% sure I just found the last one in my own country. Spock by Modular

Baobab by Xavier Lust

08 May 2011
Xavier Lust is a Belgian designer born in 1969 that studied interior design in Brussels, where he also opened his own design studio in 1992. Leading Italian brands are important clients of his studio since 2000. One of those, MDF Italia, is the one that produced today's item.