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March 2011

The following story started in the summer of 2009 somewhere in southwestern Finland. Two homeless yet ambitious designers were philosophizing over the latest design trends at a local lounge when they suddenly realized they couldn't hear themselves thinking over all the noise and buzz in the place.

Francis Francis Y1

18 Mar 2011
I'm not an espresso drinker myself as I don't own such a machine. Many people do apparently. In researching a topic I came across today's item. The design immediately caught my attention as it is strikingly elegant. Meet Francis Francis Y1.

Charlotte Lancelot

11 Mar 2011
This week we stay in Belgium for our portion of design. The flowing items are created by a young Belgian designer called Charlotte Lancelot. Charlotte is convinced that design can change the world.

Angle by A2

04 Mar 2011
Scandinavian design has always been highly regarded. Today's article brings us to Sweden where we find A2 designers, the design studio behind the furniture brand A2. After working on different comissioned projects a while they decided to launch our own furniture brand.