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February 2011

AP Stool - Shin Azumi

23 Feb 2011
The stool we are going to talk about today began as an experiment to express the excellence of bent plywood in a maximized way. In fact, this stool had its world-wide unveiling here in Belgium. It is a pretty spectacular stool created from a single sheet of plywood.
Today we are paying some attention to a person that never studied to be a designer but is considered to be the most important Belgian designer of the previous two decades. There is an exhibition on his .03 chair at Design Museum Gent until the end of this month. More about this famous chair after the jump.

Only the Brave bike

03 Feb 2011
It isn't the first time that fashion or sports brands hook up with a bike manufacture. This time the collaboration is between Diesel and Pinarello. To me Diesel has always been a brand that does trend hopping. They are doing it again with this bike geared towards the single-speed/fixie crowd.