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December 2010

Italy's furniture maker Moroso isn't a stranger to one of the busiest Spanish female industrial designer that I know. They worked together on a great list of furniture. I'm talking about Patricia Urquiola's latest work called Silver Lake.

Lago fruit bowl

23 Dec 2010
One of the items that really caught my attention during Interieur 2010 was an object that served a double purpose. I always love things like that. The fact that it is "made in Belgium" makes it all the more sweet. I'm talking about the Lago fruit bowl from Wildspirit, based in Mariakerke/Gent (B).

Scrapwood wallpaper

16 Dec 2010
The find of the week brings us to Holland and was a tip mailed by Annetje. Let's assume that you love wood and that you want to create a romantic, warm, rustic feeling in that particular room. Using real wood would mean a lot of work isn't it? Now there is a solution from Piet Hein Eek.

The nogg

02 Dec 2010
I don't have chickens myself (no garden yet), but if I did I would have the following item on my wish list. Most chicken coops are ugly and you would place them out of sight. Not the case with the nogg. Finally something that doesn't need to be tucked away.