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November 2010


22 Nov 2010
If you are a graphic designer like me you are familiar with RGB. Let's assume that you are still on the lookout for a nice pendant light that fits your office and your daily work. If the answer to all the above is yes, I think I have found the perfect fit.

THE MASHUP from Kymo

19 Nov 2010
Flanders has a very rich history of carpet weaving just like the Persians do. That's why the following caught my attention. Now there is a German company called Kymo that creates contemporary floor wear that revives this art form in their new collection called THE MASHUP. They respect, reinvent and remix an age-old tradition of carpet making.

Cuiora Paper Bowls

08 Nov 2010
These colorful fruit bowls caught my attention, aren't they just scrumptious? Wait until you read of what they are made of. They are very eco-friendly to give you a clue. More about after the jump.
INTERIEUR 2010, the international Design Biennale closed its doors on Sunday evening of October 24th. I visited the fair a few days earlier and had a great time discovering inspiring designs. Geert & I arrived at 10am and had to rush the last two halls to get out by 6pm. New design experiences, that's what the 22nd edition of INTERIEUR 2010 offered the public. My impressions of Interieur 2010