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July 2010

I am on the lookout for a stylish outdoor thermometer. I thought this would be an easy task and that there would be an overwhelming amount of options available. Boy, was I wrong! Had to search really hard to find some stylish ones. I know that we live in a mass-produced world that doesn't always care for design aesthetics, but I never imagined it would this bad.

I love Belgium

12 Jul 2010
If it comes to promoting oneself, the Belgians aren't a match for the Dutch in my humble opinion. Don't know how that comes exactly, but one reason could be that there is a perception here that you can't be too successful and tell the world about what you do. If you do, there will be haters and the typical jealousy etc. That's why the following discovery made me happy with their different approach of turning the spotlight on our beautiful little country.
In our day to day life we don't always stop and think about all the hard work, testing, and failing that went into the tools and objects we use daily. Some withstand the test of time and are still around and others vanish into oblivion. A few days ago the Design Museum in Ghent opened a new exhibition that has been traveling the world. The exhibition opened on July 3 and will remain in Belgium (Ghent) until the 24th of October.