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June 2010

Bike by Me

25 Jun 2010
Sometimes the thought "why does all the cool things always happen to be in the US" crosses my mind. If you thought that too with the Republic Bike article you are in luck as I discovered a Swedish company that basically does the same thing. They are based in Husqvarna...

Republic Bike

22 Jun 2010
One of the favorite things I like to do when I have some free time is biking. Belgium is a biking country, we have been doing it for ages but we aren't as known for it as our very vocal Dutch neighbors. Cycling is in our blood from birth :) The greatest cyclist ever calls Belgium his home. I'm talking about Eddy Merckx and his 525 wins. Eddy celebrated his 65th birthday a few days ago. This article is about expressing yourself on your bike through design and colors.
I am keeping it local for this article. A few weeks ago Brussels born designer Bram Boo received the title of designer of the year 2010. The official award will be presented during Interieur 2010. Interieur took place for the first time in 1968 and will celebrate its 22th Biennale from 15 to 24 October 2010.