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Admiring the soft colors pencil style in this illustration.

 — via Oscar Grønner

California Modernism

Created as a tribute to mid-century modernism in California for Focus Magazine.

 — via Chruschiform

Mr. Porter

Smart how the sofa is adjusted towards the person lying down. Makes it a centrepiece in this illustration.

 — via Andrea Mongia


Smooth surfaces and good looking color tones.

 — via Ole Hendrik Skjelstad

All Ristretto

That’s a good looking menu!

 — via Sébastien Nikolaou

Weagle, etc

So many great pieces in here! Lovely retro color scheme.

 — via Bethany Heck

Bank of America Student Survival Guide

Beautiful new work from DKNG.

 — via DKNG

Chanel N°5 L’Eau

The illustrations of Elodie are super beautiful, almost like real photos sometimes.

 — via Elodie

Jimmy Hendrix

The little details such as his shirt, jacket and textures are what making this one work for me.

 — via Anna Grimal

ABC Poster

A lovely poster created for Pottery Barn Kids. The colors are just perfect, so soothing.

 — via Sol Linero

Sunday - Nutsa

So how does a cosy Sunday looks like when it is raining outside. Exactly as illustrated here.

 — via Nutsa Avaliani

Deloitte Tech Trends

These collections of cutout items in combination with real ones is so beautiful if done right. Mostly something that is done when there’s animation as well.

 — via Radio

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