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Great style.

 — via Graphéine

Pérouges Springtime Festival

Love this! The fruit looks like it’s made from paper.

 — via Graphéine

Pearson Cycling

Pearson Cycling is the oldest bicycle shop in the world.

 — via Michael Valenti

Adobe Media Encoder Tutorial Content 1

Many layers to discover.

 — via Royal Studio


Inspiring color combo and perspective.

 — via Mads Berg

Tame Impala

Great. Love their music too.

 — via Doublenaut

The Weekend

Nice colors and use of rounded dotted line.

 — via Made by Radio

Travel App

Love the subtle animation!

 — via Made by Radio

Virtuoso Life

Original how it all comes together.

 — via Malika Favre

Japan - Editorial illustrations

Inspired by Japan culture.

 — via Arunas Kacinskas

A Winter Sports Alphabet

Love what they done with a limited color palette.

 — via 50watts

Sunday’s sunset

Nature has an amazing color palette to wow us.

 — via Dan Ruben

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