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Soulwax - NiteVersions 2005

Album Anatomy is an exploration in the art of reduction.

 — via Album Anatomy

Kitten = heart melting


 — via Torso Vertical

Bob Dylan

Found while browsing Etsy.

 — via visualconversation

Sot down and enjoy the view


 — via linxspiration

Jaguar Shark

These series keeps getting better and better.

 — via ICON

La Doyenne

‘The climber’s classic’, Liège-Bastogne-Liège is also known as La Doyenne ‘The Oldest’.

 — via The Handmade Cyclist

Design is Equal Parts Idea and Craft


 — via Allan Peters

Endre Berentzen II

Part of the visual identity for the Bergen International Festival.

 — via grain edit

Kerékagy blog header

Love how the shadow part is done.

 — via Csaba Gyulai

Argentina 78


 — via Neil Stevens

Aveeno Active Natural Ingredients

Very nice style.

 — via Meg Robichaud

Baby Steps

Vivid imagination is so awesome.

 — via Matt Kaufenberg

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