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Veranos De La Villa

Great idea to use real life objects to create a set that represent all the summer program events in Madrid. Be sure to watch the video as you’ll see it all come to life.

 — via Rebeka Arce

Party Poster GSD&M

Killer concept merging that phonograph with the boombox, makes it a modern vintage mashup. Like!

 — via Steve Wolf

Street Life

Great detail and a lovely warm color palette.

 — via Matt Carlson


Oh my this is delightful!

 — via Andrew Litmann

Summer Band Camp ‘16

Adorable creatures, especially the birds.

 — via Matt Carlson

Eurostar x Lyon

Illustration for the Eurostar Lyon campaign, Lyon, the city of 2 rivers, the belly of France, of food & wine.

 — via Maïté Franchi

Sound Drips

Cover for a guide to understand ambient sounds.

 — via inzpired

Longines Masters

Posters made for the Longines Masters, the Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping.

 — via Riccardo Guasco

Lollipop - Giulio

Another piece of urban-inspired art of illustrator Giulio Iurissevich.

 — via Giulio Iurissevich

A ride in the Dolomites II

Here’s another one. If this gets your appetite going and you’re up for a serious adventure listen up. It’s too much for me but if you want to ride a 120k-ish and 5000m of climbing you are in for a treat in the weekend of September 10/11. My friends are organising this Ashley Gruber wonderous adventure in the Dolomites.

 — via Ashley Gruber

A ride in the Dolomites I

My friend Ashley Gruber had a little mountain adventure with scenery that just screams wanderlust.

 — via Ashley Gruber

Daphne / Illustrator startup screen 2015.5

The new Adobe Illustrator start-up screen for version 2015.5 is the work of Giulio Iurissevich.

 — via Giulio Iurissevich

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