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My Other Half…


 — via Twistedfork


Take Your Private Winged Chariot For A Picnic (1946).

 — via Paul Malon

Women’s Wear Daily

Features opener for weekly fashion magazine Women’s Wear Daily.

 — via Matt Chase

Philly Magazine

Illustration for a piece in Philly Magazine’s wedding issue entitled, Oof, That’s Awkward.

 — via Lydia Nichols

Back in Time

Great colors.

 — via Charles Williams

Herman Miller Shift Conference

Love this.

 — via Moniker

Massachusetts State Motto

The graphics are superb.

 — via Mark Weaver

Road trip in Corsica

Corsica is beautiful! Another place to ride my bicycle one day.

 — via Stephane Paquet

Tug Me Merriment

It’s been awhile since I last posted something from Matthew Lyons. Fixed!

 — via Matthew Lyons


Nice silhouette.

 — via Noma Bar

Adidas / Piknic Electronik II

New work from the Spanish brothers for Ogylvi / Adidas.

 — via Brosmind


Falmouth ~ by Dave Thompson.

 — via Lori Rich

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