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Maillot Jaune

Very sharp and I love the Merckx reference! Enjoying the subtleties.

 — via MUTI


Well balanced flamingo formation.

 — via Makers Company

The Guardian University Guide

The Guardian University Guide conceptualised.

 — via Adam Avery

Les Echos Week-End

Very time appropriate illustration that shows how people find it hard to switch off from work but really should whilst on Holiday.

 — via Adam Avery


Always a pleasure to discover new work from Mads Berg.

 — via Mads Berg

U of T Magazine

Illustration about how in the future it could be possible to capture carbon dioxide from the air and convert it into fuel.

 — via Sam Chivers

Shop - Global Blue II

Another cover for SHOP magazine.

 — via MUTI

Shop - Global Blue

Cover for SHOP magazine, an international luxury shopping, travel and lifestyle guide published by Global Blue.

 — via MUTI

Diablo Lake

Enjoy the view!

 — via Morgan Phillips

Day Trippers - Downpour

This made me laugh because it’s so recognisable.

 — via Davide Bonazzi

Corn/fed Summer 14 Tour Poster

Nice typographic poster for a multiple city poetry reading event.

 — via Justin Crutchley


This poster is visually inspired by the beautiful patterns found on banknotes.

 — via nifty50

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