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Nature Preservation Series I

The mountains are done so very elegantly.

 — via Steve Wolf

New Yorker / Scandinavia

Illustration for the book review section—highlighting the beauty (and obsession) of Danish design in the home.

 — via Script & Seal

Breaking trail in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Let’s play! The lure of a fat bike and snow. A setting for some beautiful photos.

 — via while out riding

Brosmind Comic

Brosmind aka the Spanish Mingarro brothers have their own full color comic book.

 — via Brosmind

Tierra del Fuego

Love the composition of this illustration.

 — via Aldo Crusher

Standing Out

A editorial illustration for an Accounting Technician Magazine all about standing out in your profession.

 — via Neil Stevens

Coffee Break

So many wonderful details to discover here. The way she applied the darker green on the dress, the subtle details on her shoes and legs. So inspiring to look at!

 — via Nutsa Avaliani

Mystery Project 79.1

A prime example of fantastic use of ornaments.

 — via DKNG

Circular intersections

A study in abstract & circular compositions which explore intersections within an isometric environment. The interaction between colors and shapes is what grabs my attention.

 — via Jean-Michel Verbeeck

Silicon Tare

Besides Tycho there’s also another band that has album art that has been consistently great. That band is Come Truise.

 — via Come Truise

An ode to a Hero

Love this geometric fist done by Australian design studio Garbett. It’s an ode to Nelson Mandela.

 — via Garbett

Skyfall by Ole Salomonsen

The Northern light is still one of the most amazing phenomenons that nature has in its tricks box. Those color variations seen every time never gets old.

 — via Serial Thriller

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