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Year of the horse

Year of the Horse is upon us.

 — via Dan Schlitzkus

Cannibal in the snow

The Cannibal killin’ it (as usual).

 — via Rolling Thoughts

Early bird gets the base miles

“Early bird gets the base miles”. So true!

 — via zioziegler

Ride in the forrest

Love the lines of the trees.

 — via Rolling Thoughts

Grey Sans Hero Image

Wonderful contribution to Fonts.com. Be sure to watch the bigger version too to admire all the details.

 — via Adam Grason

Elsevier Cover

Love the work and distinct style of Mads Berg.

 — via Mads Berg

Giant Picnic

Dessert anyone?

 — via SerialThriller™

Creativity is like electricity

Indeed, nothing like that magic spark moment when it happens.

 — via SerialThriller™

PLAJ advertisement

Mads Berg is the master in cubism.

 — via Mads Berg

Farr better ice-cream

Wish more signs like these would re-appear.

 — via From up North

Paris is a state of mind

Awesome execution!

 — via Alex Roka

Into The Mist

Beautiful black and white capture of the fog in the distance.

 — via sirgerg

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