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Character from the NYC subway poster campaign for Oscar, the US health insurance startup.

 — via Robin Davey

The City of New York

Another example of how to leave things out and only remain with the absolute essentials so it is still recognisable.

 — via Christopher Dina

Fortune illustration

Very interesting use of darker colors that results in original looking animals.

 — via Aleksandar Savić

JetAway Magazine

Fantastic illustration that covers a whole range of facial emotions expressed in just a few lines. So great to learn from.

 — via Dan Woodger

Queen Houses the ice rink

Sometimes you don’t need many elements to create a visually inspiring piece.

 — via Script & Seal

Herman Miller small business catalog

Illustration for the legendary furniture company Herman Miller.

 — via Script & Seal

Urban Walkabout

A book cover illustration drilled down to just the basics.

 — via Yuki Bang

Five Thirty Eight

A piece on the process/data of making NFL players into madden game gods. One first sight you may think such a collage is easy to accomplish but it isn’t.

 — via Mike McQuade

Easter Weekend

Adorable Easter illustration.

 — via Barbara Dziadosz

Security vs Privacy

A wonderful color palette. One of those editorial illustrations so well expressed.

 — via David Bonazzi

Mr Porter

The expressions on the faces are so cleverly done with just minimal design.

 — via Rami Niemi

Snow cabin

That light is pretty spectacular!

 — via UK FilmLab

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