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Love Songs (Weekend Magazine)

Love the clean lines, forms and the smooth perspective.

 — via Geraldine Sy

United Stripes Of America

Great looking characters.

 — via Giulia di Filippo

Earth Day - 22 April

Nice set of colors to celebrate our beautiful planet.

 — via Anna Hurley

Coffeehood Brand Assets

Nice colours and great font pairings.

 — via Salih Küçükağa

The Trouble with too much tech

Illustration for the Wallstreet Journal in a piece about the trouble with too much tech. Great use of mid-century era’s furniture to create a wonderful composition.

 — via Laszlito Kovacs

Early Morning Ride

Away from all traffic congestion, just focusing on that magical moment when the sun comes up. Great times, especially with friends!

 — via Mark Frudd

Byron Bay

Amazing sunset at Byron Bay. Such rich colors!

 — via Paddy Donnelly

Panda Express

One morning you wake up and think, what if I draw a chubby panda bear riding a bike. I’m sure it would look funny. It does :)

 — via Ross Zietz

Tycho -Terje

Another lovely poster from Scott Hansen. Many would proudly hang this one on their wall I think.

 — via Tycho

Cycling Pinball

Wouldn’t ming having a go at this pinball machine created by Ellen Schofield.

 — via Ellen Schofield


So much energy in this illustration. Great colors as well.

 — via The Fox and King

Jennifer Loiselle

Great idea to fill the figure with a square grid. Fits perfectly with all the other ‘sharp’ elements.

 — via Leslie Barnes

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