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Bicycling Magazine

Editorial illustration for an article on the importance of teamwork when learning road biking.

 — via Douglas Jones

SHOP magazine - Czech Republic

Charming textured style and an inspiring color palette.

 — via Maïté Franchi

Brooklyn Bridge

Well captured!

 — via Alexander Rotker

BAM - Bicycle Adventure Meeting

A bit of humor always adds to an illustration imho.

 — via Fabio Consoli

On Geoengineering

Created for an editorial piece about geoengineering.

 — via Raúl Soria

The Secret To Sleep

Lovely muted color palette.

 — via Owen Davey

FiveThirtyEight Election

This looks fantastic! The many layers of typography are so inspiring.

 — via Bethany Heck

No Man’s Sky

Pretty fly!

 — via Justin Mezzell


Right on target! Love what is done with the lines here.

 — via Matt Carlson

Els Amos Ocults Del Totxo

The Brickmasters in the Shadows.

 — via Raúl Soria

Velorama - Lightyear

Love combination of line art and typography. Looks so elegant!

 — via Silence TV

City Guide Berlin-London-Paris

Inspiring arrangement of all the different items on this composition.

 — via Maite Franchi

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