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Beautiful editorial illustration.

 — via Marco Goran Romano

Minnesota license plate

I’m loving the type choices, and I like how subtle the plaid is.

 — via Allan Peters

Greetings from St. Moritz

Love the style.

 — via Muti

Le Domestique - To Protect and Serve

Great poster design. Love the legs especially.

 — via Spencer Wilson

Adobe Creative Cloud II

Illustration for the people at Adobe Creative Cloud.

 — via Ryan Bosse

Monocle Forecast - Cafe

Lovely line work!

 — via RADIO

Merckx ‘69

Poster celebrating the monster ride of the 15th July, 1969.

 — via The Handmade Cyclist

Procrastiworking Poster

The work you do when you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life. Good advice!

 — via Jessica Hische

Men’s Health 6/2014

Lovely illustration with limited color palette.

 — via Adam Quest

Smooth roads

Smooth surface waiting to be ridden.

 — via Unsplash

Adobe Creative Cloud

Illustration for the people at Adobe Creative Cloud.

 — via Ryan Bosse

Tycho - Com Truise

New work from Scott Hansen.

 — via ISO 50

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