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Ben Thouard is a photographer from the South of France, specialized in surf photography. The attraction for me in this shot is the smoothness of the curves.

 — via Fubiz

Modern Reformation

Everything is perfectly arranged in this one.

 — via Owen Gent

Monsters book cover

The colors, the characters, textures, it’s all so well used.

 — via Patrick Ledger

Love and Romance

Impressive character design and I like how the long curvy lines perfectly describe the body’s form.

 — via Made by Radio

Mystery Project 76.1

Super clean work and effective use of limited color palette.The internal patterns are a nice touch.

 — via DKNG

The Biggest Story

Inspiring illustration for a children’s book.

 — via Invisible Creature

The Last Utopian

Love the science fiction touch to this. Brilliant texture usage as well.

 — via Sam Chivers


“Stacked” is an approach to the large post-war housing estates in Berlin, often built in form of tower blocks in a fairly identical fashion, however when looking closer you find a lot of variation.

 — via Malte Brandenburg


Beautiful! Wouldn’t mind having a break at this lookout.

 — via Matt Carlson

Les Salins 2015-2016 II

Brilliant combination of photography and graphic design.

 — via Samuel Guigues

The High Authority for transparency in public life

Illustration for a French agency that prevents corruption. The shadow play is lovely.

 — via Léonard Dupond

Les Salins 2015-2016

Brilliant combination of photography and graphic design.

 — via Samuel Guigues

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