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40 Eats

Washington Post’s Weekend section illustration for their annual 40 Eats feature.

 — via Jessica Hische

Small imperfections

‘Everything’s Amazing & Nobody’s Happy’ Louis CK.

 — via Owen Davey

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Ecto-1

Holy smokes this Ghostbusters car by DKNG is sooooo beautiful!

 — via DKNG

Library Journal

Cover for Library Journal,

 — via Owen Davey

Chelsea Flower Show

Love how the face and the mustache are done.

 — via Neil Stevens

Los Angeles Theater

Built in 1931, The Los Angeles Theater was the last of the great movie theaters to open up in downtown LA during the heyday of the grand movie palaces that were built on Broadway.

 — via Chris Turnham

Pop portraits - Bjork

The hair swan thing is cute.

 — via Naomi Wilkinson


Great style.

 — via Eric R. Mortensen

ID&T tapwater

One beautiful sequence out of this animation.

 — via Tim Boelaars

How to Be a Better Boss in 2013

I admire those textures, great expression too!

 — via David Saracino

Dance Pantsed

Love those trees.

 — via Kevin Dart

Soccer player down

Illustration for Overlap Magazine NY.

 — via Robert Frank Hunter

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