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Nurture your creativity! Please sit back and soak in all the design goodness I discover as I explore print & web design, photography, art, type, and more. Updated frequently, this rich resource reflects my true nature: I'm a color-lover at heart. Follow The Inspiration Stream via RSS

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New York Fire in the Sky

The sky on fire in New York city. Those colors are gorgeous!

 — via Earth

Building The Team

The details and shading are well done.

 — via Jack Daly

Gym of the future

A peek inside the gym of the future. Love the fantasy.

 — via Steve Scott

John Leguizamo

Portrait of John Leguizamo for his one-man show “Latin History for Morons”

 — via Loris Lora


The perks of the sky highway…

 — via Federica Bordoni


I love the pear computer.

 — via Putri Febriana

Make it cozy with hot chocolate

Make it cozy with some hot chocolate.

 — via Tjeerd Broere

3-color monster

ehhh!!!!! A 3-color monster from outer space.

 — via Ian Jepson

Nespresso On Ice

Wishing I was there!

 — via Pietari Posti


Many layers to discover in this cover illustration.

 — via Aleksandar Savić


Somethings fishy…

 — via Vesa Sammalisto

New York Gang

Look at the many different faces. So well done.

 — via Jonny Wan

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