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Austin Don’t Rush

Modern with a mid century vibe to it. That’s how I would describe this. Typography works very well.

 — via Steve Wolf

Shark Selfie

Just like the previous illustration. Humor almost never disappoints. Great color usage.

 — via Robin Davey

Dinner by Moonlight

Always a bonus when you can add a little *humor* to your work.

 — via Ryder Doty


What I love about this picture is that the tree totally looks like the branches are grown towards the wind direction. It also helps that it is the only touch of color in the scene.

 — via Wo & Wé

La Hune

Wonderful watercolor work by Catherine Cordasco. It has a certain flair to it with subtle color touches.

 — via Catherine Cordasco

Circular intersections II

Second photo from a study in abstract & circular compositions which explore intersections within an isometric environment. The interaction between colors and shapes is what grabs my attention.

 — via Jean-Michel Verbeeck

Play Beach Boys

Another example of a illustration that proves that things don’t need to be mirrored to reality.

 — via Steve Scott

Hand Lettering III

Incredible hand lettering work that must take ages to create.

 — via Matteusz Witczak

Botanical Garden, Københaven K, Denmark

Plants always have inspired me with the way everything is layered and stacked.

 — via Erol Ahmed

Myths - Gosia Herba

One detail that immediately pops out here are the odd proportions and textural elements.

 — via It’s Nice That

Outside Lands Patch: Ranger Dave

Now that’s a super moustache!

 — via DKNG

Engelbert Summer 2016

Once more ‘wonderous’ work from Mads. How he combines shadows and textures is so inspiring.

 — via Mads Berg

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