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The 20mm Showdown

Poster part of the ‘If I Was Small’ project, exhibited at Pick Me Up London 2014.

 — via Jack Hudson

Sunset wanderlust

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view and get wanderlust like me :)

 — via 0rient-express


Loving this little bee, the shading, and the simplicity!

 — via Stevan Rodic

Design is explosive

…it can be yes.

 — via Allan Peters


Adorable and nice use of texture.

 — via Mikey Burton

Wired - Honolulu

Simplified to perfection.

 — via Justin Mezzell

My little giraffe

Created a little giraffe as a present for a good friend.

 — via Veerle Pieters

Holme Moss

Poster for the second stage of the Tour de France.

 — via Neil Stevens

Dave Matthews Band at Berkeley’s Greek Theatre

Yet another amazing poster!

 — via DKNG

All Terrain Armored Transport

They are coming to earth!

 — via ICON

The Features - Some kind of Salvation

Album Anatomy is an exploration in the art of reduction.

 — via Album Anatomy

My cute lion

Tried to create a cute lion. A closer look that digs into how it was done is found here.

 — via Veerle Pieters

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