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WIRED Psychedelic Treatment

Illustration to be paired with an article about experiments with psychedelic drugs as treatments for mental health patients.

 — via Mike McQuade

Back To School


 — via Radio

Reine - Norway

Reine - Norway. That light is so sweet

 — via George the Explorer


Interesting choice of colors and inspiring simplicity on the faces.

 — via Cass Urquhart

Isle of Skye

The Scottish Highlands sure are beautiful!

 — via George the Explorer


Great combo of colors.

 — via Burnt Toast Creative

From Voyeur to Friend

I always admire his compositions.

 — via Vincent Mahé

The Line Gift Guide

Gorgeous how this is layed-out.

 — via Lotta Nieminen

Design Leadership Handbook

Killer color combo.

 — via Jack Daly

Hang Man

Made me smile.

 — via Burnt Toast Creative

Flyover Country

The feeling of depth paired with the textures is ace.

 — via Matt Carlson

Chop in half

What happens if you chop something in half, then in half again and keep on going? What do you end up with? Can you keep doing it forever?

 — via Sam Chivers

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