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Nurture your creativity! Please sit back and soak in all the design goodness I discover as I explore print & web design, photography, art, type, and more. Updated frequently, this rich resource reflects my true nature: I'm a color-lover at heart. Follow The Inspiration Stream via RSS

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Everything in this piece is absolutely adorable. The landscape, the jerseys, bikes etc. Big fan of Sam’s work!

 — via Sam Chivers

Everglades National Park

Beautiful poster design.

 — via Two Arms Inc.

Bianchi BMX

So cool! The knobs on the tire and his beard are my favorites.

 — via Peter Greenwood

EOS Calendar

Calendar illustration for EOS in Hamburg. Love how the towers are like cables.

 — via Peter Greenwood

Oasis House

Special style with subtle textures and I especially like the tree.

 — via Sam Kalda

Cat Enjoying Summertime

Perfect scenery for a lazy cat on a hot day. Great textures too.

 — via Backhand-kill

Data, information and knowledge

There’s a lot going on in this scene but it pretty much nails the subject of data, information and knowledge.

 — via vals _

Taschen Summer Sale

I closely examined every little detail in this illustration to promote the summer sale at Taschen.

 — via Cruschiform

D2 Magazine

Don’t you love the slippers, socks and her underwear?

 — via Rami Niemi

Modern Dating

Illustration for an editorial piece on modern dating for Vogue. Love how it pops with those bright colors.

 — via Craig & Karl

Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel

Taken during the Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel. Great eye! I love this composition!

 — via Jered Gruber

Regretting your Divorce

illustration for Knack Weekend about regretting your divorce/ separation. The moody landscape is nice.

 — via Eleni Debo

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