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I Wish I Knew

Love those expressions.

 — via Andy Rementer

Transport for London - Tour De France II

Transport for London - Tour De France.

 — via Adrian Johnson

Transport for London - Tour De France


 — via Adrian Johnson

Geometric Glimpses

Series of illustrations that show invented buildings and structures from a minimal and geometric viewpoint.

 — via Lino Russo

Coca Cola calendar

The structure is so inspiring.

 — via grain edit

Mystery Project 70.5

Very nice! I like the meticulous approach to it.

 — via DKNG

Dead End

Nice gradients and colors.

 — via Justin Mezzell

Running Man

Lovely animation!

 — via Nikita Melnikov

Banana Boat II

Such a great expression.

 — via Brian Miller

Banana Boat

Brilliant style.

 — via Brian Miller

Famous Landmarks


 — via Al Power

Cluster Puck

Love the graceful style.

 — via Michael Driver

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