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The shark is back. The Giro d’Italia is done and dusted. It was another unpredictable edition with Vincenzo Nibali making a come-back to remember in the few last days. This illustration celebrates that and refers to his nickname ‘The Shark of Messina’.

 — via fabbrica della bici

Olivetti - Valentine

Olivetti has always understood the skills to use graphic and interior design to communicate its products.

 — via Creative Review

Material I

Matthias is a regular in my inspiration stream.

 — via Matthias Heiderich


Perfectly framed and pure tranquility.

 — via Dan Rubin

Sisters: Arya and Sansa

Interesting interpretation of the Game of Thrones sisters.

 — via Monica Garwood

Lauren Oliver’s Panic

It draws you in and you wonder what’s the story.

 — via Emi Haze


Check out this stunning photograph by Kyon.J, captured from high above the city of Guilin, China. It almost doesn’t look real.

 — via Saatchi Gallery


Beautiful work! An illustration with delicious details.

 — via Bailey Sullivan

Commissioned Cityscape

Much to like here in this custom illustration.

 — via Matt Carlson

Swiss Made

Lovely color palette.

 — via Steve Wolf

Honest to Goodness

Nice artwork for The Kitchen, the prepared-foods division of Whole Foods Market.

 — via Moniker

Monocle 24 Radio

Illustration for Monocle 24, the Internet radio station from London based Monocle.

 — via Moniker

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