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It’s the season… but I still have to find just one.

 — via pureclimber

frankenstein’s monster

Halloween is almost here!

 — via Luke Bott

Swimming With the Fishes?

Openings shot in the great Layer Tennis match between DKNG vs. Delicious Design League.

 — via Layer Tennis

National Lampoon’s Job Relocation

Gorgeous texture and shading!

 — via Mikey Burton

Thor’s Hammer


 — via Magnus Magnusson

Metropol Kurier

Illustration for 10 years of Metropol Kurier based in Basel. Bellissimo!

 — via Riccardo Guasco

Citizens 3638

Album Anatomy is an exploration in the art of reduction.

 — via Album Anatomy

GoBicycle - Connect

Keep it simple and make it awesome.

 — via Warvick Kay

Build for Speed

Would be a great badge for on a bike.

 — via Allan Peters

Miles Davis - In Person

Miles Davis in Person At Club Diamond in Memphis Concert Poster 1959.

 — via Visual Conversation

The Dawn of Man

Shot 5 by James White in the Layer Tennis match between James White and Brian Taylor. Lovin’ it!

 — via Layer Tennis

Hundre Kroner II

Another example of the proposal for Norway’s new banknotes.

 — via The Metric System

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