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Skyfall by Ole Salomonsen

The Northern light is still one of the most amazing phenomenons that nature has in its tricks box. Those color variations seen every time never gets old.

 — via Serial Thriller


Now you know how a bike gets assembled when you order one online.

 — via Sam Brewster

Explorers Club: Europa

Last one out of the explorer series of DKNG. All of these are beautiful screen print posters that would fit any wall. The layers of color and patterns always get me. Inspirational!

 — via DKNG


Beautiful geometric interpretation of toucan. The shapes are cleverly arranged. All in all a lovely idea and execution.

 — via Lizzie Morgan

Explorers Club: Orion

I’m a big fan of DKNG’s work. Their explorers series are wonderful color screen prints.

 — via DKNG

Wandering in Nature With Alex Strohl

French photographer Alex Strohl lives in Montana, in the U.S, and has gone back to Europe with his wife to take pictures for his book ‘Alternative Living’. Sometimes you just have to be in the right spot at the right time.

 — via Fubiz

Get Lost

The grass and flowers put the explorer car perfectly in the frame. Some sweet details on the car as well.

 — via Matt Carlson

Brisbane Airport

The style of the faces are an original approach with the black noses.

 — via Owen Gatley

Code School is Hiring - Product Designer

Nice collage to accompany a job announcement.

 — via Justin Mezzell

Transport for London - Daniel Frost

Big poster campaign with Transport for London for the up-coming prudential bike race.

 — via Daniel Frost

Baku Magazine

Finding the right art for your home can be a tough journey. Perfectly illustrated here.

 — via Mitch Blunt

Burning question

Illustration for Wired Magazine’s ‘Burning Question’ section: “How do I make my GPS better?”

 — via Invisible Creature

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