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Adidas / Piknic Electronik

New work from the Spanish brothers for Ogylvi / Adidas.

 — via Brosmind

Neptune Duinkerque

Nice houses in Duinkerque.

 — via Julien Lanoo

Club Life Magazine - Flight Safety

CSMA Club Life magazine illustration to accompany an article about how air travel is still one of the safest ways to travel, despite tragic recent events.

 — via Zara Picken

BornHolm 15

Oh, Summer until next year :(

 — via Mads Berg

Come to Austria…

Österreichische Verkehrswerbung. Great vintage travel poster.

 — via Boston Public Library


Love the atmosphere in this one.

 — via Jonathan Burton

Jonathan Burton - exercise

Keep that leg straight.

 — via Jonathan Burton

Berkeley Sunset

Nature impresses again.

 — via ISO50

Andrew Lyons Pasta

Great colors.

 — via Andrew Lyons

Mexico 68

Mexico 68 by Lance Wyman.

 — via Marcos Dopico

Schwitter photoengraving

Karl Gerstner, 1957 Schwitter photoengraving.

 — via Marcos Dopico

Abstract Puzzel

Love how it all fits together.

 — via Marius Roosendaal

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