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The New Yorker May 2015

The letters were constructed using an isometric grid.

 — via Shaivalini Kumar

The Laundry Line

The Tide Laundry line is a group of experts trained in the art of laundry mishaps.

 — via Made by Radio

Goodbye 2015

Masterful how the shadows are represented.

 — via Oamul Lu

Drop Caps

Beautiful drop caps available at the link.

 — via Jessica Hische

BSU Series

The colors and the flow!

 — via Abduzeedo

Blazing larches


 — via Gruber Images

Sneaky cat

Cool style & daring color palette.

 — via Nick Kumbari



 — via Florence Sta Rosa

MODI SHIBUYA Grand Openning


 — via Vincent Mahé



 — via Monica Andino

Fast Changing

llustration for FM Magazine about companies and the fast changing environment.

 — via Alconic

Misc. Illustrations


 — via Tim Boelaars

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