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WIZZ AIR magazine

Love it, great use of colors.

 — via Tom Haugomat

Winter sun blinds us

Feel the warmth…or imagine there is warmth :)

 — via Tokyo Bleep

Velo - Neil Stevens

My favorite subject.

 — via Neil Stevens

Book and table

Nicely done.

 — via Jacob Cummings

IBM Think exhibit

Love the colors and simplicity of this poster.

 — via From up North

Daenerys Targaryan

Mother of dragons!

 — via SerialThriller™

Illustration for Boss Magazine

Illustrating an article about humour in the workplace.

 — via Steve Scott


One more from the Philographics collection.

 — via Genis Carreras

DKNG January Poster Releases

Just a teaser of movie posters coming in January from DKNG.

 — via DKNG

nFusion ’Stache Dash

Great retro vibe.

 — via Jacob Etter

John Frusciante - The Empyrean 2009

Album Anatomy is an exploration in the art of reduction.

 — via Album Anatomy

Sunset wallpaper

Great palette.

 — via Nina Geometrieva

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