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Nurture your creativity! Please sit back and soak in all the design goodness I discover as I explore print & web design, photography, art, type, and more. Updated frequently, this rich resource reflects my true nature: I'm a color-lover at heart. Follow The Inspiration Stream via RSS

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Mountain Barn

Look at that view.

 — via Ales Krivec

REI 4th of July

It’s wonderful thing to get to see the imagination of an illustrator that thinks “imagining what it would be like to paddle a kayak on those serene sunset waters…”

 — via Brian Miller

Radiohead Berkeley

DKNG got to create a poster for their favorite band Radiohead playing at the iconic Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA.

 — via DKNG


Special style and excellent usage of textures.

 — via Vera Voishvilo


Wow those are some exceptional colors!

 — via Nick Slater

Time Travel

The style and textures are quit brilliant.

 — via Muti

Food and Nutrition Magazine

Great black silhouette to use as centrepiece in this illustration so that everything else can be in color.

 — via Mark Allen Miller


Clever concept and execution mixed with subtle use of color and texture.

 — via Karolis Strautniekas


That clarinet player is just perfect. I love how his finger draws your eye up to the piano player with that matched fine line.

 — via Andy Selimov

Furka Pass

Look at those majestic mountains! What an awesome road to ride your bike on.

 — via Earth

McLaren Poster Illustration

Always a pleasure to introduce some new work from Mads. Love how he played with perspective in this one.

 — via Mads Berg


Not your everyday color palette. I also like the idea of leaving color out.

 — via Jones & Co

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