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 — via Martín Azambuja

Google Calendar

Monthly header illustration for Google’s redesigned Calendar app.

 — via Lotta Nieminen


Very well designed.

 — via RADIO

All Work and No Play…

Another gem from the ICON collection.

 — via ICON

Turn It Up

This illustration is begging to be animated.

 — via Pavlov Visuals


Gobicycle is an imagined design intervention to promote bicycle commuting in Durban.

 — via Warvick Kay

The Street

The textures on this one are really inspiring.

 — via Pixturebook Makers

Imagine it’s Christmas

Love the line work on the background buildings.

 — via Rogie King

Stoetten, Germany

A tree with autumn leaves stands in front of a pine forest in near Stoetten, Germany, Oct. 3. (Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa via Associatee Press)

 — via Boston Globe

Salida winefest

Beautiful poster.

 — via From up North

Fall by Jered Gruber

“I like fall. I like the sun in the bright leaves. I like my long shadow. I like knowing that winter is close - but it’s not quite here yet - so we dance under the blue roof and along orange walls.”

 — via Jered Gruber


Nice architecture illustrations by Federico Babina. Hat tip coudal.com

 — via Federico Babina

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