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Very cool illustrations for H’University. Loving the ripped pants and sport shoes, it has a certain coolness to it.

 — via H’University

Weekend edit

Speaking of Summer, here’s a shot to get some wanderlust. A fine example of some clever post processing.

 — via Dust Jacket

Summer evenings

Beautiful shot to represent the best time of the year where one can enjoy those lovely long summer evenings. Best ones are on the beach of course.

 — via Greg Storey

Soft and furious

Just imagine you are there.Those orange fire in sky tones are pretty spectacular.

 — via Elena Morelli

How to manage your checking account

What a awesome idea to use a revolving door to illustrate ‘how to manage your checking account’.

 — via Davide Bonazzi

Emu Bikes

A series of illustrations created for Emu Electric Bikes and their advertising campaign, showing the bikes in the various environments of the countryside, suburbia and the city.

 — via Neil Stevens


One of the nicest 3D illustrations I have seen lately. Great tones. Be sure to check the other ones out as well.

 — via Lesha Galkin and Olia Marchenko

Dreamy Twilight

I hear the sound of the waves in this lovely scene. Another example of wondrous gradients.

 — via Elena Morelli


Another one from the classic travel poster collection. In this one the typography and the colors are the stars.

 — via Anderson Design Group


If you need proof that nature is a master in creating the nicest gradients this picture on the Faroe Islands by Dan Rubin would be it. Just look at that!

 — via Dan Rubin

Summer Ici Paris XL

This new work for Ici Paris XL is using miniature versions of Miami and Santa Monica created in cardboard. The products are the actors in the artwork and they blend in so nicely. Nice use of colors!

 — via Adrian & Gidi

Gebrauchsgrafik 11-1953

Created by Heinz Schwabe in 1953 for Gebrauchsgrafik.

 — via Ideenstadt Düsseldorf

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