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Drown in Her Madly

Completely created with mouse in Illustrator and Photoshop. Be sure to view the entire piece here. Beautiful job.

 — via Andrea Moresco

Honeymoon Petra Villas

A view from an upscale hotel carved into the cliffs overlooking the Santorini Caldera.

 — via Anastasia Adamaki

Using design principles to find happiness

Beautiful color palette and something that I can relate too.

 — via Chris Selas Neal

RetroJet Postcards

These postcards are so tasty!

 — via Bailey Sullivan

Revelstoke BC II

Love the trees particularly. Textures are on point too.

 — via Steve Wolf

Triangeln Station

What’s not to like about this? Look at all those overlapping lines in perfect symmetry with the escalators.

 — via nihilisten

Bar Graph Exploded View

Lovely metaphor of analysing a bar graph.

 — via Jan Cavan

Pinterest / What is a Pin?

Illustration that is part of a 3 month project to create an inspiring and informative motion piece “What is a Pin?”.

 — via Matt Stevens

100 things to do over the weekend

A super duper color palette.

 — via Steve Scott

Directory of Illustration #33

Great interpretation of a greek god.

 — via Owen Davey

Saturday, 3PM

Inspiring combination of illustration and typography.

 — via Neil Stevens

Kajak and Mountains

Such beautiful scenery! I love the pastel color palette in this photo.

 — via Cody Priebe

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