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Nurture your creativity! Please sit back and soak in all the design goodness I discover as I explore print & web design, photography, art, type, and more. Updated frequently, this rich resource reflects my true nature: I'm a color-lover at heart. Follow The Inspiration Stream via RSS

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Packaging illustration for 7 flavour designs for Smashmallow. The others are lovely too.

 — via Owen Davey

Neutron Camper

Magnificent reproduction of the 1940s advertisement vibe. The entire piece was handpainted using digital paint brushes on a Cintiq tablet, and then apply a texture created by an old, scratched up sheet of metal and a grain filter.

 — via Brave the Woods

Packing for Mexico

Such a great vibe due to the way the fills are done with the lines.

 — via Alexandra Bowman

Summer is Crazy

The special style of Sami Viljanto is an eye-catcher.

 — via Sami Viljanto


Adoring the simplicity of all this. Just the basics so that your mind fills in the rest.

 — via Victoria Fernandez

San Antonio Magazine

Lovely combination of type and illustrations.

 — via Alex Perez

Canlis Matchbooks

Beautiful colours that are being used here. The eyes draw you in.

 — via Invisible Creature

Facebook Events EHD

One part of a series of illustrations for the inaugural set of artwork launched for Facebook Event themes.

 — via Eight Hour Day

Perfect Morning - Dark Hedges

Perfect morning light at the Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland.

 — via John

Spark Of Science

Still shot of short film. Beautiful perspective.

 — via Colin Hesterly

Sky Dining

Great color palette and love the all the gradient mesh work in this illustration.

 — via Jack Hughes

Amex Gold

Great usage of minimal colors and shapes.

 — via Colin Hesterly

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