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Popular Mechanics

Type opener for Popular Mechanics “How to Make Anything” issue.

 — via Matt Stevens

Conceptual digital illustration

It has been some time since I last featured something from Riccardo Guasco.

 — via Riccardo Guasco

The Painted Photograph

One part of a set of rigorously composed, scenic character portrayals that merge the pictorial traditions of cinema and documentary photography. Great colors!

 — via Dean West

Net Magazine Cover

Editorial illustration for the cover of Net Magazine.

 — via Neil Stevens

Lighthouse Anglesey

A lovely sea breeze and a moment of peace to take it all in. Lovely shot from the South Stack lighthouse.

 — via Bright n Beautiful

Assonance - Poster Design II

Another poster that shows the visual identity of the “ESPE - Assonance Choir” on a grid. Great typography too.

 — via Graphéine

Assonance - Poster Design

Visual identity of the “ESPE - Assonance Choir”, mixed choir of over a hundred people.

 — via Graphéine

Airline Passengers Rights

I picked this one for the the way the figure is drawn.

 — via Sergiy Maidukov

Metro Bee

Part of an identity for a bee relocation specialist. What I like here is that the bee was hand drawn with micron pens.

 — via Andrew Littmann

Textured vet

Creating textures that lift an illustration to the next level is a talent I’m jealous about.

 — via AQ studio

No Diving

New photographs in the swimming pool series by Maria Svarbova.

 — via Maria Svarbova

Sailing Mark

Very nice mark.

 — via Steve Mark


The Deck

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