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Joy Division

It has been a while since I last added something from Swissted.

 — via Swissted

Fragment d’éternité

Wouldn’t mind enjoying this view for a while.

 — via Girolamo Cracchiolo


Alamar, Ciudad De La Habana, Cuba. Sunset 8:11pm. Nature gradients at its best.

 — via Eric Cahan

Team Olympique

Admiring how well balanced everything is.

 — via Mike Lemanski

Secret Woods

The mystery wondering is strong in this one.

 — via Heiko Gerlicher

Proud and Punch

Brilliant summer vibe and colourful message.

 — via Proud & Punch

3d Cake car

I would buy an ice cream from this nicely designed 3D truck.

 — via Selver


Great to see some illustration work that tackles printing services. Some subtle gradients & textures.

 — via Timo Kuilder

Le Tour by Carla Fuentes

Love the details that are present in this great texture work.

 — via Carla Fuentes

Floyd’s Bakery Part II

Great to see the previous branding evolving into a badge design.

 — via Steve Wolf

Bake Shop

It took me some time to see the face but now I have it’s one of my favorite things.

 — via Steve Wolf


Drilled down to just the basics. Great work.

 — via Justin Mezzell


The Deck

Ads via The Deck