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Authentic Assets

Inspiring editorial illustration about millennial housing.

 — via Kotryna Zukauskaite

Figure Study

Great style and colors.

 — via Matt Carlson

IBM Latin America

A piece from the iconic work Paul Rand has done for IBM.

 — via Good Design

Maker & Match Candle Co.

Love the way those matches connect and create the flame in the middle.

 — via Adam Anderson


Nice idea and beautiful usage of shapes to create a roaster.

 — via Gardner Design

Illustration by David Holt

This is beautiful! Great colors, very vivid and wonderful repetition of shapes.

 — via David Holt

Vanity Fair France

Cover illustration for the Collection supplement of Vanity Fair France. The flow in Malika’s work is just so inspiring.

 — via Malika Favre

Todd Terje - Preben

A great example that there are no boundaries to how a face should look if you are an illustrator.

 — via Bendik Kaltenborn

Desert Nights

Some super beautiful gradients and wonderful line work.

 — via Maria Shanina

Snowy Cabin

That smoke! A cosy winter getaway with great textures.

 — via MUTI

Google Play | Script & Seal

Drilled down to just the basics with lovely textures.

 — via Script & Seal


Another breathtaking shot from my friends Jered & Ashley Gruber.

 — via Jered Gruber