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The Lake District

Added another one to ‘the places I want to ride my bicycle list’.

 — via Jered Gruber

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Part of a Type Hike, a collaborative design project including 60 designers and typographers, celebrating the National Parks Service centennial in the USA.

 — via Micheal DeKay

Breakfast - Bailey

A collage of how breakfast could be. The pretzel is the eye-catcher here together with the texture usage and color choices.

 — via Bailey Sulivan

Uber Visual Identity Redesign

An example how a billboard could look in the Uber visual identity redesign. All the other elements of this redesign are worth a look as well.

 — via Uber Design

Alp impressions

The mountains and their magical attraction lure. Love how the you see the clouds.

 — via Lukas Furlan

OMF Beer Labels

Some great patterns that could have been inspired by stained church windows but translated in modern way.Neat work!

 — via Justin Pervorse

Explorers Club: Durango

Wouldn’t mind going on an adventure with this mountain bike called “Durango”.

 — via DKNG

Sailing, Møns Klint

Such a perfect scene with that tiny sail boat in the centre.

 — via Robert Paul Jansen

Melbourne International Film Festival 2016

It’s a beautiful mix of colors to get that Andy Warhol effect.

 — via WBYK

PrescribeWellness - Delivery

Loving it! Going from flat to 3D is so well done here. Be sure to view the full animation. Such a cool style.

 — via Seth Eckert


Nice identity for for an electromagnetic therapy company specializing in show/racing horses.

 — via Benjamin Garner


I always admire any attempt to create an animal that consists solely out of geometric shapes.

 — via Steve Wolf