Mary Lou created a fun musical experiment. The demo has a couple of playful audio interactions that allow you to play music on instruments or simply make sounds by holding the mouse pressed and move around. Download source to see how it all was done.

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BasiColor icons

30 Nov 2016

Lovely set of colorful icons called BasiColor. Added them to the rest of my Picons collection.

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Just recently Adobe released the new Adobe CC 2017 updates and part of that was a completely new Dreamweaver that includes an all-new code engine, completely refreshed user interface with selectable dark themes, support for modern web workflows such as CSS Preprocessors, and more. More after the jump…

I’ve discovered Scott Hansen as a graphic designer before I got to know about his music path as Tycho. I’ve always admired the simplicity in his work as a designer. He doesn’t do much design anymore except for his album art & T-shirts. It’s almost always something that I want to add to my inspiration stream.

The inspiration stream

California Modernism
Mr. Porter
All Ristretto