Ville vs Vélodrome

31 May 2012

Guilherme Henrique is a graphic designer & illustrator currently residing in Paris, France. I first spotted these fine illustrations at the end of 2011 on Guilherme's Dribbble account. My first reaction was adding them to my ideas for a post list. Problem with that list is that there's always much on it so I sometimes forget about certain items on it. Time to correct that mistake now.

Vive le Vélo

These mighty fine illustrations are in the same league as the Tour de France ones. Guilherme Henrique's idea was to produce an eight part series that represent the adrenaline of riding fixed-gears bikes in the city and on the velodrome.

Elegant visual language

The illustrations kick off with exploring the disparate environments and gradually narrowing it down to "The Competition", "The Riders", and "The Bike" where Guilherme depicts the serveral bike parts in an elegant visual language that could be used to brush up your French when it comes down to bike parts.

The simplicity and clear overall aesthetic of these illustrations are really genius! I have the greatest admiration for illustrators that are able to cut something so far down and yet draw exactly what needs to be drawn using simple shapes and lines. Reducing lines and details like this, and show only the bare essentials in such a way is pure graphic design. These illustrations are so strong, almost iconic-like. Their well balanced usage of colors and typography is very well-done. It was not only the subject that caught my attention, it was really everything, the whole package. They're just superb! You can view them in a larger format on Guilherme Henrique's Flickr account.


  1. 1 Petr 05 Jun 2012

    I love the infographic attitude, the colors, texture, and everything. Awesome!