“The Smashing Book #3 and #3⅓” give away

12 Jun 2013

Good news people! Today feels like Christmas and I get to be Santa to make some people happy! I just double checked my bookshelves, and guess what? It seems I have 5 copies of the "The Smashing Book #3 - Redesign The Web" and 4 copies of "The Smashing Book #3⅓ - The Extention" to give away…

How to win a copy

If you want to be one of the lucky 5 to receive a copy in your mailbox, all you have to do is leave comment on this article, mentioning 'why you think this book would be a perfect read for you' or tell me 'a good cycling adventure'. I'll randomly pick 4 stories that will win a copy of both books, "The Smashing Book #3 - Redesign The Web" and "The Smashing Book #3⅓ - The Extension", the 5th story that I'll pick will win a copy of "The Smashing Book #3" only.

One more thing…

Don't forget to read my review, or read about the design of the cover. Plus make sure you double check the email address you'll use as I'll need to contact you for your home address.

Update: and the winners are…

Thank you everyone for contributing your stories here, and expressing why you really would love to win one of these books. I’ve enjoyed reading them. I wish I could send each of you a copy as I’m sure you all deserve one, but this is a contest after all, and I only have a few copies to give away. So after much consideration, here are the winners that I've chosen:

  • Justin Agoglia wins 'Smashing Book #3 & #3⅓'
  • Amit Das wins 'Smashing Book #3 & #3⅓'
  • Sara wins 'Smashing Book #3 & #3⅓'
  • Hazel wins 'Smashing Book #3 & #3⅓'
  • Monica wins 'Smashing Book #3'

Congratulations! Expect an e-mail in your inbox soon to collect your addresses. Again, thank you everyone!


  1. 1 Steven 12 Jun 2013

    These books would be a perfect read for me because as a budding designer, I need all the great advice, tips and tricks I can get..that’s why I follow Veerle & Smashing Mag! Pick me, pick me :) xo

  2. 2 Jöran Aerns 12 Jun 2013

    I like to learn and be able to further enhancing my webdesign and development skills.
    This books really look like a valuable asset in doing so.
    So pick me! ;)

  3. 3 Erika 12 Jun 2013

    This book is a perfect read for me because I totally nail what the book is about: ‘Designers have established clever coding and design techniques, and they face new challenges and are embracing new technologies. These changes are fundamental and require us to reconsider how we approach Web design. It’s time to rethink and reinvent: it is time to redesign the Web.’ FINALLY! yeey :) Groetjes, Erika

  4. 4 Filip 12 Jun 2013

    The book “The Smashing Book #3 - Redesign The Web” would give me the inspiration and drive to finally make work of my own site. And .. . I love the cover :)

  5. 5 Wouter 12 Jun 2013

    This book is for sure something for me because I am a developer and I create HoRrIbLe websites

  6. 6 Ben Jansen 12 Jun 2013

    I started working for this company being the only webdesigner and I recently learned the hard way that my taste evolves faster than my ability to built websites. So three years later, I am sitting here surrounded by all these websites that I used to love but now absolutely hate. 

    Luckily I have the opportunity to rebuild some of these sites and I recently started working towards it, so this book would be very welcome attribute to ensure that I can built websites that could stand the test of time or at least give me a platform to easily switch skins or elements.

    I also have a bike story, I came home to my little sister crying and I asked her why. She had been biking for 5 (!) kilometers and she said she got lost in the forest and her boyfriend kept going on while she was too tired to continue. Needless to say, they haven’t gone biking since.

  7. 7 Dileep K Sharma 12 Jun 2013

    Because this book is a perfect book with all the goodness and rich content from creators of Smashing Magazine and the beauty of illustrative graphics from my very favorite Veerle Pieters :-)

  8. 8 Vanessa Verbeiren 12 Jun 2013

    I guess cycling my way through Brussels is an every day adventure, so, as a graphic designer, I wouldn’t mind cycling my way through ‘The Smashing Book - Redesign the Web’for once… especially because we’re going through a very interesting period of possibilities on the web! Exciting!

  9. 9 Dustin Lafferty 12 Jun 2013

    As someone who is trying to revamp the way my local church’s online presence functions, Smashing 3 & 3 1/3 would be a perfect guide to help make us relevant and engaging - not always easy for a local church…and the “3 1/3” reminds me of the Naked Gun movies…which is always a good thing!

  10. 10 Matt Schultz 12 Jun 2013

    I recently escaped a sales job and moved into my first official web development position (and boy am I happy about that). Because I’m working full time on a single site, the theme of redesigning the web is perfect.

    Most of the team is more experienced with backend technologies, so I’m looking to help improve our frontend workflow and do my part to write the best code and provide the best user experience possible.

    I’d love to also tell you a good cycling adventure, but the last memory I have of cycling was hitting a ditch hidden in tall grass and flying over the handlebars ;)

  11. 11 Lauryn 12 Jun 2013

    why it would be a good read for me? because it’s worth only for the cover: congratulations!!!

  12. 12 Yaprak Gültay 12 Jun 2013

    Because I have known and lived how powerful web is! and since this is my job I want to be better at it, mean while let my collegues know what I have learned and share this book with many others. I also want to be a teacher in this, to be a teacher I have to be learning all the time!

  13. 13 Justin Agoglia 12 Jun 2013

    Even though I’m a one-person design shop, it’s imperative to stay current with the latest in web design/dev standards. At my last position, I had access to some very talented individuals. But once I went on my own, it was my responsibility to take ownership of my continual growth. As a result for more than a decade, I’ve made it a point to get up extra early each day to learn something new & relevant to my field in web design. But learning alone can’t be the end result. For me learning is simply this: learning + application = Results. Having one of the Smashing Books would be a wonderful addition to my learning library and an opportunity to serve my clients better than I did yesterday.

  14. 14 Joel Carter 12 Jun 2013

    My best cycling adventure would be a 40mi trek where during the process I ran over a Canadian goose’ neck. I did everything I could to avoid that guy. Unfortunately, he did everything he could to thwart my plans. But, after the incident, he appeared to be okay.

    Love your site. Love your work. Thanks for all the info you share.

  15. 15 Phil Doughty 12 Jun 2013

    It was a torrential rainy windy afternoon of truancy in the Wainuiomata valley of New Zealand. Pedalling home up hill on my Healing 10 Speed (which I got for my 14th birthday) back from a friends house after raiding & consuming his parents Beefeater bottle of gin. I approached a small bus stop full of people huddled together who were trying to stay dry under the small shelter. And I thought of how embarrassing it would be to fall from my bike while passing. As I rode closer I became nervous imagining & visualising myself falling. Unfortunately I wasn’t imagining as the foot path came closer & closer, faster & faster. Then I as realised I needed to take a foot off the pedal to stand up, my face was already on the ground looking at many pairs of shoes. I heard a young mans voice say “are you ok bro?”. I quickly pulled myself from the ground and tried to pedal away as quick as I could without getting eye contact with anyone. Not knowing my chain had come off, I wasn’t moving anywhere & once again I started to see the pavement getting closer but this time I remember hearing the voices of three women gasp and once again I saw those same shoes. I thought to myself “Oh no, not again. I gotta get outta here”. This time I scrambled back to my feet and power-walked my de-chained 10 speed up the rest of the hill with lumps on my cheek and forehead. After successfully cruising the down hill side of the rise I made it home. Once inside the house I went to my room and all I wanted to do was lie down and sleep. The room started spining as soon as I lay my head on the pillow. I quickly opened my bedroom window. My eyes were watering as vomited that Beefeater poison from my stomach, I promised to myself I’d never drink alcohol again…

    One month later I didn’t ride home, but I did break my promise & drank two cans of beer. The following day I had to mow my parent lawns & I noticed the paint on the side of the house below my bedroom window was starting to flake and peel off. I smiled & thought to myself “Good times”.

  16. 16 Amit Das 12 Jun 2013

    Hi Veerle,

    First off, thanks for keeping this contest. Here are 4 reasons I want to read the books:

    First: I have been a blind follower of Aral Balkan and his views on experience design and it is to be incorporated in designs and objects and think with a wide perspective. More so because he’s a designer/ developer which I can relate myself to. I have a programming background and design interest and job which I find very useful. I really want to read about his take on mobile considerations in UX design - web or native.

    Second: Nathan Barry is the guy who has inspired me for a very long time - productivity, designing apps, developing apps and especially how he taught himself to be an iOS developer and started an app product company. I have started digging into iOS development lately and will find it immensely valuable to go through and implement his advice on the topic.

    Third: Elliot Jay Stocks/ Aarron Walter/ Lea Verou/ Andy Clarke have been my heroes since I started web design, development. I will really enjoy reading gem from my mentors.

    Fourth: I have always wanted to get a Smashing book as an asset but for some reason or the other I couldn’t and I really hope I win this contest and get to read the brilliant books.

    Thanks, (fingers crossed)

  17. 17 and 12 Jun 2013

    I really need this book. I need some refreshment in my web development work :)

  18. 18 Sara 12 Jun 2013

    Hi Veerle!
    I am answering the question “Why you think this book would be a perfect read for you”, unfortunately I am not a big fan of cycling :).
    The answer I would give you automatically is that precisely yesterday I finished my 2 year course in Graphic & Web design. On one side I am happy and on the other I am officially unemployed. One thing finishes, a new one begins.

    My intention is to become a graphic & web designer but I need to improve my skills, especially for code, at least the basics. This is why during summer I will dedicate my time to all those subjects I am not really acquainted with or don’t have much practice with, and this book is perfect. It does cover the whole picture of web design. However, this year has been so hectic that I didn’t even finish the Adaptive Web Design book. I participated in last year’s contest but didn’t win the book, so I bought it myself after as the notions explained are crucial. And to this day, I still have to finish it. But no worries, now I plan to catch up on many paused books. 
    I live in Italy, and the profession of graphic & web designer is like is not even considered a profession. The common thought is that anyone with a computer and Photoshop can do graphic or web design. The result is there are lots of websites that should definitely be redesigned. And for the very few experiences I’ve had in web design, sometimes it feels like all I’ve learned so far is pointless, as I always end up doing what the client requires as he/she’s paying, they are the bosses. Clients rarely consider what you are actually telling them, they are not considering the fact that the design and information rearrangement of the site one is proposing has actually been well-thought and not done in 5 minutes.

    Sometimes it’s really frustrating but I am not surrendering. Web designers are the architects of the global village that is the web. It is necessary to make it a pleasant and functional village. 
    I am newbie, but somehow I will have to learn how to sell well my products too if I’ll end up becoming a freelancer.

    By the way, I read you interview on TGD. Impressive story, after much blood, sweat and tears, it apparently all ended up working out pretty nice, I’d say. Thank you so much for sharing your talent, your knowledge and passion for design. You’ve been a point of reference for me these past 2 years. Grazie infinite!
    - Sara

  19. 19 Heath Flohre 12 Jun 2013

    Being in this industry for 15 years, the need to keep your tools and talents sharp is now more apparent than ever.  As a life long student of the web and of the benefits that it can bring, this book would be a perfect read for me.

  20. 20 Emma 12 Jun 2013

    Wow I would love to win this books! I’m in my fouth year of studying Communication and Multimedia Design, and I would love to become a webdesigner. I’ve been a fan of the Smashing blog and your blog for ages, and both have really helped me in becoming a better designer, I believe. But there’s always room for improvement!

  21. 21 Santiago 12 Jun 2013

    Id like to win both, they look like good reads.

  22. 22 Tricia 12 Jun 2013

    In my town we have a great bicycle path system, one day when my boyfriend and I were riding down the path he somehow managed to catch his handlebar on a 4 foot section of metal grate next to the path, launching him off his bike. I giggled for the next mile when suddenly I look over at him and he somehow tips over.

    I have never laughed so hard while exercising in my life. He’ll never live it down as usually he is the most athletic, coordinated man I have ever met and I’m the one falling or tripping as I get distracted by a pretty flower or some neat architecture.

    I’d be perfect for winning this book because I’m very, very interested in what is going on in the world of the web. As a marketing manager I like to stay abreast of all the new developments, even if I’m not the one that eventually deploys the changes. :)

  23. 23 James 12 Jun 2013

    I’d love to read these books - I’ve been doing responsive design for my freelance clients for a year or so. Now I’m working for a marketing agency interested in providing RWD for clients and I’m going to be the point guy driving this. Anything else I can learn about RWD will be a huge help!

  24. 24 Yoav Weiss 12 Jun 2013

    I think this book would be perfect for me because I’m a self-taught web designer and want to start a new career in building web applications.

  25. 25 Gabrielle 12 Jun 2013

    I would love to win these books to help me further my knowledge in designing sites and making the www a prettier place to be:) I have been looking for books to educate myself deeper and then you posted this!

    Also, if you want a cycling story….out here in Portland last Saturday was a city-wide nude bike ride….never seen so many “spokes” in a 3 min. drive by. They love their cycling out here!!!

  26. 26 Fabian 12 Jun 2013

    This book would be a perfect read for me… well, honestly… it wouldn´t be.
    But since my little brother would truly enjoy it, I just take my chance here to get him an awesome present.

  27. 27 Odille 12 Jun 2013

    Oo, ik zou het ook willen lezen.
    Omdat ik dagelijks html & css aan een bende pubers moet uitleggen en omdat ik ze in m’n lessen altijd iets nieuws wil blijven geven.
    En ook omdat een andere invalshoek voor mij verfrissend is.

  28. 28 Darren 12 Jun 2013

    This book (in fact, both books) would be perfect for me, because I need to improve my web design skills - and this is one example of when you can judge a book by its cover - it looks beautiful!

  29. 29 salvo nicolosi aka ficod 12 Jun 2013

    i’d like to read it/them!
    . because i trust smashing magazine
    . because web (development) makes me happy
    . because i love learning and improving my skills

    because the world is round it turns me on.

  30. 30 Lisa 13 Jun 2013

    Thank you Veerle for providing us with yet another wonderful opportunity of possibly winning direct access to your work!

    I believe Smashing Magazine #3 to be a perfect read for me due to my recent move from being a print designer to a digital design student. I have created websites in the past only as a hobby, and there is simply so much to learn professionally in terms of providing excellent usability and interactivity to web users on all levels. I’m convinced that Smashing Magazine #3 is the type of resource that would be much treasured in my upcoming studies, and I truly look forward to reading it in fine prints, paper being my favorite reading platform for both ergonomic and aesthetic reasons.

    Thanks for reading and looking forward to your future posts!

  31. 31 Collin 13 Jun 2013

    I would love to win this book because I can’t afford to buy it right now!

  32. 32 Shaun C 13 Jun 2013

    It’s amazing how fast things have changed. I was never formally taught web design. It fell in my lap about a decade ago. It’s been a constant adventure as I continually educate myself on how to be a better designer and communicator. These books look like they will be a definite step in the right direction.

    The quicker I can get on my “A” game,  the more time I’ll have for my local single-track.

  33. 33 Vishwa 13 Jun 2013

    Contemplating a career jump is a always daunting task. Especially so, when you study at a reputed institute which figures in the top 10 list for your country. I’m sure The Smashing Book #3 and #3⅓ can give me the inspiration to explore new avenues, to pursue what I really want to, instead of settling for the safer, more comfortable choice.

    Also, considering the fact that I would be just starting out, being nudged in the right direction by advice from veterans of different fields might help me position myself better, focus on the right technologies, learn the right techniques as well as raise my awareness of, and avoid, the pitfalls designers fall prey to.

  34. 34 Hazel 13 Jun 2013

    I think this giveaway is perfectly timed!

    I recently finished my 2nd year at a 4-year graphic design program. Being in graphic design has been nice but its emphasis (at least in my school) has always been in print, which frustrates me. I have wanted to spend my life making websites since I was 11! I remember I started using Expression Engine (when it was still free) because of you and I remember being amazed by CSS sprite navigations when you first wrote about it.

    Since I was never completely satisfied in my current program, I took a chance and applied somewhere else. I’m happy to say that yesterday I was accepted into the new Web Design and Interactive Media program at my local college! I’ve been making websites on my own for a long time without any “real life” friends to talk to about it, so I’m very excited to finally go to school and be around people who love web design as much as I do.

    I’m hoping that I’ll be able to bring these two books with me when I start school in September. I know it will be an invaluable resource through my years in college and my journey to a career in this field. Thanks for this giveaway!

  35. 35 Kisan Bhat 13 Jun 2013

    I need this book.

  36. 36 Sara 13 Jun 2013

    For a start I really love the cover and the title 3 1/3.

    I have read your review and I like the way this book is so different compared to all other web development books by combining code ux and looks! A perfect combination for a web analist who needs to know about the technology behind, but who loves beautiful things and with a weakness for usability.

  37. 37 Gershom Charig 13 Jun 2013

    Redesigning the web is no more sufficient. You’ve got to enhance the experience, and this book would totally help me getting to this goal.

  38. 38 Karen Walters 13 Jun 2013

    It can be thanks to the new technologies that appear one after another (and every one of us wants to stay in fashion) or because the rules change from month to month. Whatever the reason is, it is quite important to do it properly and to ensure the new design will bring us more advantages over your competitor than the old version. So this book will be take me somewhat closer to success than if I do this the other way around.

  39. 39 Dino 13 Jun 2013

    It’s impressive that you are getting ideas from this piece of writing as well as from our argument made here.

  40. 40 Sebastian 13 Jun 2013

    You know, at first I thought I’d come up with something funny, but because I am in class and should probably pay attention, this is gonna be a short story.

    I just started studying media computer sciences and was about to buy the book - I just love webdesign and all the css, html, because when I see a good website or book, my heart just jumps around like a crazy chicken -  but you know, I am a poor student and would appreciate it a lot. Fingers crossed!

    And thanks for the give away, Veerle!

  41. 41 Francois 13 Jun 2013

    The good cycling stories are here, with photos.

    i am recluse in the mountain, and i need those books to stay connected with the world. ;-)

  42. 42 Ruben Rojas 13 Jun 2013

    I think that is perfect for me in order to offer most for my courses in web design standards and other courses for my academy, and here in Venezuela the guberment make great changes in dollar control and is difficult buy things out of the country, finally i think that the book is great for more and more knowing and i need it.


  43. 43 lijn 13 Jun 2013

    It seems to me it was meant to be that the 2nd book, as the successor of the 1st book, got a design that is connected with the new Smashing branding. Just saying’ :) #designerwithcomplexes

  44. 44 Derek 14 Jun 2013

    Twice a year, I head to upstate NY with a group of awesome friends and we bike 150 miles over a course of 4 days. We sleep outside, we don’t use cell phones, and we certainly don’t shower. On our past Spring trip, it rained so hard - and for so long - that we stopped at a local gift shop and pressed our butts up against their furnace to try to stay warm.

  45. 45 Monica 14 Jun 2013

    Hi, Veerle! After reading your review of the book, I can’t wait to actually read this book!
    As a self-taught web designer, I owe all of my knowledge to books. I consider Andy Clarke, Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Cederholm my teachers, because everything I know about design and mark up, I learned from them.

    I feel confident in the basics, and after taking a look at the table of contents, I know this book is the perfect next step for me, since it covers topics I’m not entirely confident tackling yet, like Javascript and HTML5. I’m also eager to learn more about the business side of web design, and the chapter by Paul Boag covers one of the aspects that make me more anxious; dealing with clients and feedback.

    It’s vital to keep learning, specially in web design, since it’s constantly evolving. I want to be a great designer and I feel hungry to learn everything about the field.

  46. 46 Thierry 14 Jun 2013

    a good cycling adventure? Well, I tend to say I don’t like very much cycling, but I have some quiet good “souvenirs” with bicycles.

    A kind of special one takes place in England. I was there for 2 weeks, 5-6 miles away from Bury St-Edmund, in Sussex if I remember well. I was like 15 or 16. The only way for me to go from the village I was living in to Bury St-Edmund was using an old woman bike. Can’t remember the color, but at least it wasn’t pink ;)

    The bike was heavy, 3 speeds only, and if going to town was great (downhill), when I had to come back it was a real pain. But these moments, riding that bike in the English country (a so special place to be if you love the green), the liberty bike brings to one, the town itself where I was digging for old books in a old dusty library, , the constant idea that “they” drive on the wrong side of the streets so “be careful”... I don’t know. Nothing really adventurous, nothing really fantastic I know, but all these feelings at the same time… Well. How can I think cycling so boring? It’s a kind of love/hate relationship I guess. All this to win a book? Hell YES! Why? Just to stay connected with nice books and inspiring designs.

    Thanks for the giveaway, and for these, I admit, good souvenirs from England. (But I still think motorcycling is less tiring on legs ;) )

  47. 47 Indra 14 Jun 2013

    I love everything Smashing! I’m subscribed to the blog and have some of their books. Don’t have these yet. By the way great artwork Veerle :)

  48. 48 Dillon McCallum 15 Jun 2013

    This book is perfect for me! I’m actually someone who will read it and utilize it in my day to day design! I can relate to it in the sense that each time you cross a project you have to re-approach your design concepts to sculpt to that project! Cheers!

  49. 49 Kaj Rietberg 18 Jun 2013

    My 2 stories.
    1. I’m going from being a teacher in special needs education to becoming a front-end developer. So I need to learn a lot of new things and Expect this book to help me with this.

    2. A cycling storie. One day I was in the Alps with a friend, we just started to learn this for us new sport. We drove in the mountains between the cows. So on one moment my friend had to work on his bike, the chain got stuck. He was pulling hard to get it lose. On that moment he thought he felt something, he looked up and looked in the face of a cow that was just a few centimeters away from him. The cow thought that his white helmet was salt he could be licking. This is a story we tell each year to some people.

  50. 50 Dovi 18 Jun 2013

    I would be very happy to complete the colection with the third part of “Smashing Book”, and the last one will be the greatest one - because i’m absolutle follower of your job Veerly!

  51. 51 Jeanine 19 Jun 2013

    I am 44 years old and considering a career change… or more of a career adjustment.  I have been working for more than 20 years in a big (and boring) international organization where I have gone from being an assistant to a web designer. Yes, I am sort of doing what I want, except that the lack of innovation is stifling (it is still 90s web design around here).  Hence, I am considering going back to school and doing an MA in graphic/interactive design in hopes of being able to do more exiting work in the future.  Which means I need to catch up pronto with all the latest developments in the industry.  Needless to say, this book sounds perfect for that HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript.  The perfect ticket! (crossing my fingers!).  Thanks for giving these away.

  52. 52 Charlie McDonald 20 Jun 2013

    Because “I’m perky, I’m cute. I’m popular to boot.”

    I’d love to have these books because they are colorful and jump right out at you. And after I was finished with them they would sit on the community table near my desk so that all of the other designers I work with could get a chance to peruse the books and borrow and read them. I’m also likely to share the useful lessons with the team as I enjoy leading and improving the work.

    The books would get a lot of great extra use — including as design decoration for an interactive department. We’re a major US retailer (which can often use a bit of design influence for freshness). And when I can no longer use them, I’ll donate them if they are still relevant or recycle them.

    Sorry recycling is the only cycling story I’ve got. Do I get points for creativity? ;)

    But seriously, if you send some books to me I’ll cast a neo-pagan spell so that you will have more unicorns and rainbows in your life. The unicorns won’t look like unicorns, but you’ll be able to tell when they visit you. And who doesn’t love unicorns and rainbows? I’m hoping you like them as much as I know I’ll love these books.

    So, peace, love, laughter and light.

    Have an awesome day!

    Charlie McDonald

  53. 53 Daniel Willson 23 Jun 2013

    These books would be great for me - I’m an aspiring college student web designer hungry to learn as much as I can. :)

  54. 54 Veerle Pieters 24 Jun 2013

    Thank you everyone for contributing your stories here, and expressing why you really would love to win one of these books. I’ve enjoyed reading them. I wish I could send each of you a copy as I’m sure you all deserve one, but this is a contest after all, and I only have a few copies to give away. So after much consideration, here are the winners that I chose:

    Smashing Book #3 & #3⅓
    @Justin Agoglia
    @Amit Das

    Smashing Book #3

    Congratulations! Expect an e-mail in your inbox soon to collect your snail mail address.

    Again, thank you everyone!