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07 Jan 2013

It's that time of the year again where we start a new year and look back at how fast 366 days are gone. I like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers for the continuing visits and support. Hope you all will have an inspiring, healthy and lovable 2013.


I also want to thank each one of you that contributed to our charity: water campaign of raising $30,000 for a community + school in Rwanda. Now that we reached our goal we are going to make a celebration video starring you, the champs who made it happen and who will bring clean water to an entire community and neighboring school.

So, join in and create a video as follows:

  • Shoot a video with your phone, DSLR, mirrorless, iSight, or whatever camera
  • Keep it to 3 seconds or less so we can include as many videos as possible
  • Make it celebratory! Be creative. Examples might include "Go Rwanda!" or you creatively holding a sign with the number 30,000 on it
  • If the file is less than 10 MB, send it to support{at}authenticjobs{dot}com, OR
  • If the file is larger than 10 MB, post the video (any format) in your Public folder on Dropbox or Box, or use any of the apps for sending large files
  • We’ll create a montage with your video and post it to the site, and we’ll also do everything in our power to show it to the community that receives water tap stands because of our campaign
Get inspired by watching this 2012 recap from charity: water:

It’s #2013. Get 50% off at Authentic Jobs.

Finally I'm ending this post with our yearly promotion of Authentic Jobs, the fantastic Jobs Listings Network and my partner in crime. So if you are looking for a designer or a developer as an employee or freelance contractors there is no better time to enjoy our annual New Year’s promotion: 50% off any listing. Take advantage of the promotion while it lasts as it expires midnight on January 11.

How to apply?

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Take advantage of the promotion while it lasts as it expires midnight on January 11.


  1. 1 Mohan 08 Jan 2013

    Wishing you happy new year, good wishes and good health. You have created wonderful of piece of web design and it’s really captivating.

  2. 2 Jason 12 Jan 2013

    well that’s a nice offer. And a salute to your social welfare works. Tums up and keep it going.

  3. 3 Denise 14 Jan 2013

    I hope it works to get people lots of jobs!