10 Feb 2011

“Simple is hard.”

 — Keegan Jones


  1. 1 Sven 10 Feb 2011


  2. 2 Christian 10 Feb 2011


  3. 3 Mikee 10 Feb 2011

    This needs to be a wallpaper!

  4. 4 George Probst 10 Feb 2011

    If only simple could simply be more simple… :)

  5. 5 Zeth 11 Feb 2011

    Haha.. I heard this story of an essay assignment, where the title of the essay had to be ‘Laziness’. This guy handed in his essay and all he had written was: ‘this is laziness’ and got an ‘A’... The beauty of efficiency :D

  6. 6 Millie 11 Feb 2011

    is this in html5-css3 font style?

  7. 7 tomasio 11 Feb 2011

    I like to have this printed on a Shirt. I think I have heared this almost at every briefing I ever attended to ; )

  8. 8 Katherine Legge 17 Feb 2011

    Simplicity is truly one of the most difficult things to achieve. While I was in the logo development process I found that I had to constantly remind myself of this important fact. Thank goodness I had a group of level headed graphic designers, Sydney’s DPM Creative Group, to help remind that simple, although hard, is best.